In the early 80s, members of the Maytag family wanted a getaway in the scenic hills of Colorado. Apparently they were golfers and enjoyed playing the Broadmoor course. They were also pilots that flew their own plane into Centennial airport. When it came time to build their third home they settled on a midway point between Centennial and Colorado Springs with a large track of land outside Castle Rock. They commissioned an architect to design a Spanish-style villa that would be their sanctuary. Nestled high on a hill and tucked away among pines, scrub oak and mossy rocks is a stunning four bedroom, six bath, 9000-square-foot mansion. Better yet, the home sits on 227 untainted acres that are protected in a conservation easement. The acreage offers something for everyone with forested hills, open meadows and gorgeous rock outcroppings. It’s perfect for a private barn, equestrian center, corrals or just incredible hiking and sightseeing.

As the story goes, the family wanted the very best in construction so they hired the commercial building firm of Gerald H. Phipps to construct the house. According to the architects designing the home, never once did the family ask how much anything cost nor did they ever cut anything from the budget. The home took two years to build and was completed in 1983 at a whopping $2.5 million – a lot of money for a home back then. It was money well spent, though, because the quality of construction and detailed finish work are evident everywhere you look. The couple used the home to entertain, throwing lavish parties for their family and friends.

Ten years ago the property was sold to the current owners. This couple not only made fantastic improvements to the property, but they’ve maintained the elegance to near perfection. Walking through you can’t help but savor the craftsmanship and pristine condition of the home. There are panoramic views of the mountains from every room, courtyard and patio.

If you came west with the dream of owning a historic Colorado ranch, the Original Maytag estate is one incredible opportunity.