Media reports say that Weld County suffered from a high rate of foreclosures in 2007, which is true. But what most people don’t know is the majority of these foreclosures concentrated in one area. According to MetroList, Greeley did lead the nation during part of 2007 for foreclosures, but areas south of Greeley continue expanding. For example, go 20 miles north of Denver to the cities of Dacono and Frederick where they have seen significant population growth over the last eight years. Both cities combined added roughly 7,000 residences since the year 2000.

Builder Rick Polland of Tamrick Homes, Inc. is counting on people continuing to move to the northern corridor. Polland entices newcomers with larger homes, larger lots and more standard features. His development, called Eagle Meadow Estates, is exit 232 off I-25, only 15 minutes from the Pepsi Center. It’s also 10 to 15 minutes from the Broomfield corridor. Why is Broomfield important? Because Polland is capitalizing on the announcement that Conoco Phillips will be moving oodles of employees to their new research center slated for the old Storage Tek campus. Rumor has it that other energy companies may follow Conoco’s lead by locating in the same area. If that happens, Polland will be poised to offer those new employees a home in his unique Dacono development.

Eagle Meadow Estates boasts 127 homes with large lots ranging from a half-acre to three-quarters of an acre. Consumers can choose from semi-custom to custom models from the high $300s to the mid $500,000s. Tamrick Homes offers granite, custom flooring, custom cabinets and flat screen TVs as standard (not upgrade) features. Buyers will also receive a partially finished basement included in the base price.

If you’re looking to spread out a bit, consider Eagle Meadow Estates’ high-quality construction and custom finishes in Dacono.