According to Peter Blank and Craig Mayer from the Mile Hi Modern Team, for the first time ever in Denver there are five houses on the market that have historic mid-century modern significance.

“Great,” you say. “So what?” What is mid-century modern? Who are Craig and Peter, and why is this important? Let’s start at the top with mid-century modern architecture. Denver has never had a plethora of mid-century modern homes. Yes, some can be found in areas like Bonnie Brae and Hilltop, but people not appreciating their architectural significance have scraped them in favor of the modern day Colorado castle. The fact is mid-century modern is a dying breed.

Yet these homes are works of art. Brought to us by such architectural giants as Frank Lloyd Wright, Burnham Hoyt and Charles Haertling, mid-century modern architecture combines creative design and sculpture, and among those in the know these homes demand true collector value. Sure, plenty of homes today are designed and built by architects, but few can boast the classic designs and notoriety of the gentlemen mentioned above. The pictures do a better job of describing their unique place in architecture than what I have described above.

How do I know all this stuff? That’s were Craig Mayer and Peter Blank come in. They comprise a unique niche in the Denver market as realtors that specialize in buying and selling mid-century modern homes. Just ask them for the scoop. They can dish out the five-minute Reader’s Digest version of the history of modern homes, or the two-hour lunch version. They’re nice guys with a lot to say, but more importantly they know historic architecture.

According to Peter and Craig, never before have there been homes from Wright, Hoyt, Haertling and two homes by Eugene Sternberg for sale in the Denver market at the same time. If you admire historic architecture homes, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Craig and Peter can be reached via their Web site at I like their mission, which is simply “restoring, renovating and saving some of Denver’s best examples of mid-century homes.”