When it comes to selling your home for the highest price in the shortest amount time, there REALLY is a simple three step formula, and it applies to all price ranges. 

  • Price it right in the first 30 days. This is your best opportunity to sell your home as buyers usually flock to new listings. Price it too high, and a buyer will sniff that out in a jiffy. The home will sit and accumulate days on the market, you’ll end up chasing down the market with price reductions, and the house will begin to be stigmatized (why hasn’t it sold). Price it too low and risk leaving money on the table. Pricing it right is a very inexact science. However, we can help.
  •  Make sure your home has the WOW factor. That means when someone walks in your home they have to say “wow” I get all of this for $_________. How your home shows for each buyer dramatically affects the outcome.
  • Make sure you hire a real estate agent or team with the best marketing. Not all marketing is created equal (although some agents would lead to believe it is). There is good marketing, and there is great marketing. Great gets you top dollar by creating competition for your home which then could result in multiple bids and cash offers.

This is the formula for results. Keep in mind the first key to selling your home; the price is your decision (the seller), not ours. You decide the price of your home. The second key, how it shows, is also a seller decision. The third key, great marketing, is the only thing that we (your Realtors) control. Our job is to create great marketing and bring as many buyers to the table as quickly as possible. Whether or not the buyer makes an offer will depend a lot on the price and how it shows. Do you know how a buyer decides whether or not to make an offer on your home?

When a buyer walks into your home they ask themselves three questions: 1) Do I love the location, 2) Do I love the layout and finishes, 3) Do I think it appropriately priced for both 1 and 2? If the buyer answers yes to all of the three questions above you are getting an offer, but if they answer no to even one of the three you are not getting an offer. It’s as simple as that. Sellers get wrapped up in pointing out all kinds of little details that they think to make a difference in the sale of their home, but in the end, it always boils down to those big three.

I hope that helps give you some idea of what it takes to sell your home successfully. We are happy to discuss this in further detail with you in person. Just reach out to us at 720-789-8322 or

Here's what our marketing looks like and how we can use our time-tested system to sell your home.

High Resolution Photography

Every property has a story that will continue with the next owners. Spotlight Photography spares no expense to make sure they capture the unique attributes of your home and how it fits withing the community. Our goal is for the potential buyer to imagine themselves creating memories in you home. These high-resolution photos are just the beginning in designing beautiful presentation for both on and offline materials 

Video Tour

Did you know that 55% of all online traffic is video? Naturally, our next step is to create a video tour of your property. We then place your video on over 30 sites including, Metacafe, WelcomeMat, and YouTube. Each video will be directly linked to your property for tracking purposes. 

Customized Brochure and Flyers

Each and every property receives its very own customized promotional flyer and brochure. Our in-house copywriter is the best in the business and is known for smooth, clean and crisp writing, Your customized content, combined with the high-resolution photography will make your property rise above the competition. 

Email Marketing & Monthly Newsletters

The Colorado Dream House Team uses email marketing to extend the overall reach of your property around the entire world. We have established connections in every major market from New York to Tokyo. This ensures your property is seen nationwide and globally as well Our database of over 800,000 realtors will receive a customized email showcasing your property and will be included in one of our monthly newsletters, which will go out to our sphere of 3,500 residents. The best thing about email marketing that it can be tracked 100% of the time to ensure we gain the exposure that your home deserves!

Key Selling Tactics


Selling a home involves four key pieces: agent, price, showing, and marketing. As experts in sales, real estate marketing and the Colorado housing market, Our team has developed innovative strategies to address each of the key pieces to effectively publicize Denver homes for sale. These techniques are for all real estate sales. More importantly, the Colorado Dream Team uses the following tools with all clients to ensure a quick and effective sale.

  • Post high-definition video tours on interactive sites such as YouTube, Yahoo! Real Estate, Google and Facebook to increase visibility
  • Promote homes via appropriate luxury websites, including a “featured listing” position on
  • Syndicate property listings on real estate web portals, including Zillow, Trulia,, and more
  • Initiate viral marketing through real estate blogs like, Bebo, Broker Social and Twitter
  • Targeted email campaigns to nearly six million buyer and realtor inboxes nationwide
  • Text message services to reach potential buyers directly on their cell phones
  • Photography, virtual tours and description services of new-to-market homes
  • Customized website created exclusively for your home with analytics reporting
  • Private parties and events with up to 400 people, to attract potential buyers
  • Plan and execute direct mail campaigns to strategic neighborhoods
  • Advertise in Keller Williams Realty publications

Learn more about our advanced marketing strategies we use to sell your home!
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