Next time you are concerned with mold safe homes make sure you check out these ideas. I saw this article in the Phildelphia Inquirer by Alan Heavens.

Builders are focusing on creating “mold-safe” homes that allow home owners in mold-prevalent areas to avoid problems getting homeowners’ insurance.

After several high-profile lawsuits over costs involving home owners and insurance companies, many insurers dropped mold coverage from standard policies or began requiring special and expensive riders with higher deductibles. Since that makes homes harder to sell, builders have had to come up with an answer and building-products manufacturers are helping.

Among new mold-resistant construction techniques and products is Georgia-Pacific’s DensArmor Plus paperless wallboard, which is particularly mold resistant when installed with inorganic glues and tapes.

CertainTeed offers Optima insulation and DryRight insulation for ceiling cavities. These products are designed to deny mold a food source. The insulation is covered with CertainTeed’s MemBrane, a permeable vapor barrier.