Didn’t we always know Denver was ahead of the rest of the country on the “Green Issue”. Check out this article from Cars.com it appears that Denverites not only want “Green Built” homes ,but they are driving more “green cars”.

Drivers are enthusiastic about green cars, particularly drivers in West Coast cities, says Cars.com editor-in-chief Patrick K Olsen.

Cars.com has created the Green Index to monitor interest in hybrid vehicles in the 50 largest markets in the country. Rankings are calculated on the number of hybrid searches in a market as a percentage of all new-car Internet searches in the market.

Anyone who would like to live where most of the neighbors are environmentally concerned should consider these top-10 markets with the highest level of interest in hybrids.

San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose
Portland, Ore
San Diego
Los Angeles
Washington, D.C.
Minneapolis/St. Paul