As of this writing, we are approximately 54 minutes from tip-off between the Princeton Tigers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the first game of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This is my favorite sports week of the year. There are so many wonderful moments; Jimmy Valvano running around the court at The Pit in Albuquerque trying to hug anyone in Wolfpack gear after his NC State Wolfpack beat Clyde Drexler and Hakeem and the Houston Cougars, John Thompson hugging Fred Brown to console Brown after a game ending turnover, Gordon Heyward missing a half court buzzer beater that would have made tiny Butler the national champions over Duke, and last year with Kris Jenkins of Villanova beating the buzzer to defeat North Carolina. The countless “one shining moments” bring about every human emotion. It is bigger to me than the Super Bowl or World Series, bigger than the Master’s or NBA Finals. A lot of folks are calling in sick today or simply playing hooky. If they are in the office, there is a good chance that they have a live stream going on their laptops or phones. The wall to wall coverage of this tournament and the costs associated with it are incredible.

Until recently, the viewer was only able to watch the game that CBS Sports executives and producers chose, sure we would get a “Live Look-In” and Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg would throw some insight in there about the Hampton Pirates or USC Trojans, but that was it, ONE. GAME. Fast forward to today and the above-mentioned streaming and tablet and laptop access, not to mention the multiple channels being used to broadcast every single game, it is safe to say the CBS Sports and Turner Sports have captured the “digital space” of sports broadcasting and production.

*I am actively streaming Princeton/Notre Dame as I type this, but DO NOT tell the boss. Please?

As we enter the Denver real estate version of March Madness, the Spring Selling Season, it is essential that buyers and sellers hire and partner with a real estate team that has mastered the digital space of the real estate market. The Colorado Dream House Team has done just that.

We have built a marketing plan that is second to none. We will have your home syndicated on over 350 websites. This is getting a lot of eyes on your home. “Big deal, every realtor does that” is what you are probably thinking. That’s like a 12-5 upset, it happens all the time, right?! Yep, you are right, every realtor says that they will do it. We put it in writing and we execute. Every realtor is able to passively or “hopefully” market your home. We take it a step further by actively marketing your home to have it sold at the price you want and in the time frame you are looking for.

So, what sets us apart from the passive marketing of other realtors?

Like any championship team, we have a great “coach” leading us as our director of marketing. We are one of the few real estate teams to have a dedicated director of marketing. We have the capability to market your home to every realtor in the state of Colorado, from Highlands Ranch to Louisville, we can reach every single one. We also can reach upwards of 800,000 realtors nationwide which is huge when considering that Colorado is receiving more and more of our population from out of state. We are experts in actively marketing your home. We are not going to throw up a shot and hope for the best, we have a plan and a system and we have the players to execute it.

We are also making great use of social media with programs like “Ask the Colorado Dream House Team” on Facebook Live, monthly newsletters, even this blog which you are reading (thank you by the way.) are evidence of our mastery of the digital space.

The Colorado Dream House Team is a humble and hungry number 1 seed. We are ready to execute our game plan to advance through the Denver real estate market’s March Madness for you.