Better Closing Price, Faster Sale

Or We’ll Pay You $250

Marketing a luxury home in Colorado’s competitive real estate market requires a winning team. Your home may be stunning. It may be in the perfect neighborhood. It may be the type of home that buyers walk out of eager to fight for, even if it means an expensive bidding war.

But, if your realtor doesn’t have the marketing tools and strategies to make it stand out, it will be slow to sell, and it won’t attract enough buyer interest to drive a top price.

So, if you want to get top dollar for your home, you’ll need a marketing strategy that’s proven to work in Colorado’s competitive market.

That’s why the Colorado Dream House Team uses cutting edge marketing techniques to engage and re-engage potential buyers from Colorado and across the world so that your home gets the attention it needs.

And we’re so sure that our marketing plan is superior to the competition, we’ll pay you $250 to prove us wrong.

How Our Marketing Delivers 98% of Your Asking Price

More Money


Our sellers close for an average of 98% of their asking price. We’ll make sure buyers have to fight for your home, so you don’t have to fight for your price.

Less Waiting


On average, our marketing strategies deliver a closing customer 10 days sooner than other realtors. For family homes under $700,000, our sellers close in 26 days or less.

Better Strategy



  • Attractive Individual Property Web Pages.
  • Analytics Driven Retargeting.
  • Customized Full Color Brochures.
  • Geo-Targeted Advertising.
  • Reach-Expanding Email Marketing.
  • Increased Social Media Engagement.
  • International Web Presence.

Better Resources



  • 1080p and 4k High Definition Video.
  • 3 Websites – Over 5,000 Visitors Per Month.
  • Placement in Over 300 Real Estate Web Portals.
  • Facebook, Google, and Bing Advertising.​

We’re Proud These Sellers Chose Us

“Scott Davidson and the entire Colorado Dream House team really are the Dream Team! We listed our home in December right before Christmas and had an offer accepted within 48 hours. Scott did a fantastic job marketing our home. He showed us several properties (some twice), worked with us on an offer and was with us clear through the move-in. The team went above and beyond when our move-in was delayed a few days by our lender by providing us with gift cards for dinner and movie. They really do care about their clients. We would highly recommend Scott and the Colorado Dream House Team.”

Melissa Neill

“We were very impressed with the entire team. Each member was very professional and skilled at their responsibilities. I interacted primarily with Dan Polimino who is one of the two senior partners on the team. It was a pleasure to work with him and I felt as though we had the top brokers in the city representing us. ”

Charles & Tandy Babb

The Best Marketing Plan You’ll Find, Or We’ll Pay You $250

You’re selling a valuable asset, so we know you’re going to shop around before choosing a realtor. We just thought we’d make it a little more interesting.

Follow the steps below to find a realtor with the best marketing plan in Colorado, or earn $250.

Here’s how to participate:


  • Discover – Click on the ‘Let’s Make a Bet’ button below for a free consultation on marketing your home to a global network of buyers (there’s ZERO obligation).
  • Compare – Reach out to as many realtors as you want, and ask them for their marketing strategy.
  • Choose – If another realtor’s plan meets or exceeds ours (and you can show us), we’ll pay you $250.

Get Your Home the Undivided Attention it Deserves


We know that every realtor in Colorado is falling over themselves to brag about a phenomenal selling experience. But, to us, that’s a given. You’ve invested money, energy, and emotion into your luxury home. It goes without saying that each and every one of our realtors will approach the sale of your home with patient respect and a proven strategy for making the right sale.

We’re confident that our marketing strategies will garner more attention, from more qualified buyers, than any of our Colorado competitors. But we’re also extremely selective with our agents, and limit the number of homes they can take on at a time, so that we can guarantee you and your home our undivided attention.

That’s why the clients we serve close faster, and for a better closing price, than the competition. And that’s why we’ve become their trusted real estate partners.

Ready to Put Your Home Back on the Field?


With over 50 years of Real Estate experience under our belt, we’ve literally been around your block a few times. Now we’re ready to put that experience to work for you.

Click on the button below to set up a free consultation with a Colorado Dream House Agent, and learn how our marketing plan can help you sell your home 10 Days sooner, and for a 98% of your asking price.