This week we examine the question: What does a real estate agent do to deserve that big commission? We’ve touched on this topic in the previous two weeks, and you can read those blogs by clicking on the archives button at the bottom right of this page.If you simply want to cut to the chase with quick bullets describing what a listing agent does to justify his or her commission, here goes. § Present to you the best plan for marketing your property.§ Provide a current market analysis and summary, and help you determine the most effective listing price for your property.§ Review with you financing alternatives so that you can decide which methods will best sell your property. § Furnish an estimate of the proceeds you can expect from the sale of your property.§ Review with you strategies for enhancing your property in order to achieve the highest possible sales price.§ Make available to you a home warranty plan, which will help attract more buyers and minimize potential future liability.§ Promptly submit the required information on your property to the local multiple listing service.§ Place an exclusive “For Sale” sign and brochure box on your property (subject to local ordinances) showing the agent’s contact information so that he/she can receive all phone calls in order to qualify buyers.§ Make available to local and out-of-town buyers a description and other pertinent information about your property. § Arrange for an assessment of your property’s value by fellow broker associates and report to you their recommendations.§ Arrange for your property to be advertised as soon as possible in weekly newspaper ads and on the Internet. § Distribute “Just Listed” notices to appropriate areas … to make prospective buyers aware that your property is available.§ Promote your property to fellow broker associates and to other reputable brokers in the local market area.§ Arrange for open houses to be conducted if and when appropriate, and as agreed to by you in advance.§ Pre-screen prospective buyers before showing your property, and strongly encourage other sales associates to do the same in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to you.§ Provide you with a progress report at least every week to communicate current market conditions and buyer activity that applies to your property.§ Review with you all purchase offers as they are presented and assist you in all negotiations. Upon agreement and acceptance of an offer, monitor the progress of the purchase contract and keep you informed throughout the transaction.§ Provide you with information about relocation services. These are just a few things a real estate agent does for you when selling your property. For those folks looking to purchase a home, there’s an equally impressive list of services an agent provides. We’ll take a look at that list next week. The key thing to remember is the agent selling your home not only has the responsibility for these services, but also for the out-of-pocket cost of marketing your home. Review last week’s blog about the difference in hiring a real estate company that merely lists your home versus hiring a real estate company that actually markets your home to sell quickly.

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