It’s the reality of the today’s technological age more future home buyers than ever before will use the Internet to find their new abode. A study from ComScore Media reports that visits to real estate-related Web sites account for 10 percent of all Internet traffic. That’s roughly 12.7 million unique visitors in one week. Which begs the question: With this many people selling and finding homes off the Internet, is there any need for living, breathing real estate agents? I believe real estate agents are more important than ever. You see, 85 percent of the real estate Web sites these folks frequent are built and maintained by real estate agents or firms. Agents are still the key to getting listings to post on the Internet. Sure, home owners could post their own homes for sale on the Internet or Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and cut out the middle man. They could but most don’t. That ability already exists and the majority of people still rely on real estate agents.

Have we in the real estate business felt the Internet’s impact? You bet. Because of the Internet consumers are more educated than ever before. This, however, is a good thing since it makes my job of helping someone find their dream home easier. But locating an ideal property does not a successful purchase make. Even if you find your dream home online, the next step most folks take is finding someone trustworthy to act as their advocate during the legal process of purchasing. After all, most consumers don’t make their living buying and selling real estate, so they need someone with an agent’s expertise to explain and direct the process. A qualified agent who has kept abreast of technology can be more assistance to the home buyer and seller than ever before. For example, automated agent Web sites alert consumers to new opportunities 24/7. This level of service and instant reporting is a win/win for agents and consumers alike.

At this juncture, real estate remains a local event. That may change in the future, but as long as real estate is about neighborhoods and experts in those neighborhoods competent, hard-working agents will still be in demand. I would consider it a pleasure to represent you in your next real estate transaction. If you would like to speak with me regarding the sale or purchase of a home, please contact me at 303-522-1161 or