“We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two!” If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the tagline in the Farmers Insurance commercials. You know, the ones that show some type of catastrophe like the dog that burns down the house after grabbing the piece of pizza off the stove. The actor at the end of the commercial says, “Yep, it happened October 1992 and we were there to cover it!” The point of the commercial is that bad things are going to happen in life and Farmers has seen them all. The commercial leads you to believe they are experts in disasters and their insurance coverage will protect you in all that COULD happen. Knowing the value of having a seasoned, professional realtor is key if you want to maximize your value and profitability when selling or buying a home. 

What’s the value?

This has been a very successful campaign for Farmers and I wish I had thought of it because it’s the exact message we here the Colorado Dream House Team are trying to convey to clients and future clients. We literally have thousands of transactions under our belt over a combined 55 years of selling residential real estate in Denver. We have definitely seen a thing or two over those years. Better yet, we know a thing or two about protecting your best interest when it comes to the most important and expensive purchase of your life. It’s this vast knowledge and experience that help you get the home of your dreams while navigating all of the obstacles that come up during the process. We are always trying to urge consumers to use seasoned professionals like us for their real estate transactions because we can make a huge difference.

I wish there was enough room here to explain all the ways that we have helped people over the years. From getting something fixed in the house in the 11th hour so we could make it to the closing table to saving people hundreds of thousands of dollars to just flat out fixing problems that no else could (and I am not overstating this).

Understanding the fees

I understand many people are skeptical of Realtors and many people feel that they no longer bring value. I can honestly say that we earn our professional fees every day, one transaction at a time. If that sounds like another slogan to you, then I would urge you to meet with us. It doesn’t cost you anything to explore whether or not we bring value. If we do, then we can do business together and if we don’t, then you have lost nothing. I’m betting that we’ll do business together.

My name is Dan Polimino and I’m a Broker/Owner with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. You can contact our team at 720-446-6325 or by email at team@coloradodreamhouse.com.