I carved out this one paragraph Marc Davison wrote on his 1000watt consulting blog on real estate. Marc was scribbling thoughts of what could be and should be in real estate. As I read the last paragraph I realized what Marc was talking about could be anything. It could be a printing business, it could be your health or it could be a life long dream.
I am a big proponent of breaking things that seem fixed. I love thinking out of the box, coming up with the new greattest idea, trend or model. Read through this and see if anything strikes a cord about the way you do LIFE!
“Try it. Look around your office. Look at your revenue model. Your recruiting plan. Your advertising. Your presentations. Your website. Your hairstyle. The Feng Shui of your office. Your blog design. Or the lack of having a blog. Or the time you spend blogging when you could be daydreaming. Your hesitation to go to the next conference. Your paper based operation and the time you spend standing in front of a copy machine.

If you think you have it all nailed down, rethink it. Break that mindset. Become an idea zealot. Get a whiteboard. Put it up on your wall. Let it be empty. The Mona Lisa was once a blank canvas. Find a window and stare out into the yonder. Find that one thing, one idea, one change to your current process that you can call your own. Put it on the white board. And then stare it a while.

Make this your contribution to you. The future you. The one that wants more money. More clients. More agents. More customers. More business. More time off. More recognition for being brilliant rather than just one of the crowd.

Life has a way of bringing you just what you need when you need it.

It could be Andrew Jackson.
It could be the answered prayer.
And if you allow it, it could be your next great idea. ”

Marc Davison