The second selling season.

The second selling season begins on Labor Day and continues until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Time is of the essence and sellers need to begin listing their homes now if they want to create buyer competition. Buyer competition helps increase bids on your home and enables you to receive above asking price.

If you want to sell your house and with the second selling season just around the corner, begin preparing to list your property 15 days before it starts (which means now).

Stand out.

If you want to stand out from the crowd when you sell your house, there are a few things to consider while preparing your home.

Get rid of personal items and clutter so buyers can picture themselves in your home. Invite more light, remove smells, and get a second opinion on your property. Your real estate agent can give you an honest review before your home is listed and ensure that it’s competitively placed in the market. 

Your real estate agent.

The majority of for sale by owner deals do not reach closing and when they do, the sale is usually to a family member. That’s why you need a seasoned professional to represent your property.

Make sure to interview your agent or team and their marketing strategy before making a decision. You can also ask your real estate agent to provide sales reports and comparisons on similar homes. You can read more about our marketing system – we stand behind it and we put our money where our mouth is. Interview us and if you find a team with a better marketing system for selling your home, we’ll give you $250.00. Remember, the primary factor that affects purchase price is determined by your location and the homes around you. 

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  • We will list your home before the second selling season. 
  • And we’ll create buyer competition for your home. 

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Polish your property.

If you haven’t had a big cleanup for years, now is the right time. You will need to buff, wash, freshen up with paint, and remove signs of wear and tear. Spruce up your yard for the best first impression.

The simple things make a huge difference:

  • Touch up paint
  • Maintain your landscaping
  • Wash the outside of your home
  • Re-touch the calking on your windows
  • Have a professional clean your carpets
  • Implement simple home-staging techniques

Secure and repair.

If your house needs repairs, make sure to make them before listing. You don’t want to be slowed down by easy fixes after buyers receive their inspection reports. Make sure that you fix any deal-breakers as soon as possible. These include roof repairs, air conditioning units, furnaces, water heaters, and plumbing.

Don’t forget about smaller things that are an easy fix such as patching holes, retouching paint, leaky taps, and locks on windows. These little details can help ensure the inspection goes smoothly. 

Sell before buying your new home.

When you list your house for sale, it is tempting to buy a new house. Don’t get carried away by beautiful photos of homes or the thought of the price increasing. It is often more profitable to sell your old house before buying a new one and this leaves less room for error. 

There are certain situations where you would want to include contingencies into your contract where the purchase of your new home is contingent upon the sale of your old house. You can speak to us if you’d like more information on contingent offers and contract types.