Yelp Review for the week – Savory Spice Shop, Denver, CO

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Savory Spice Shop, situated at 200 Quebec St, Bldg 600, Unit 101, Denver, CO 80230. Few of the top reviews are given below:

Cheryl from Parker, CO says, “OMG! I’m in heaven every time I walk into this shop. I love everything about it – the smell, the taste, and the people that work there. They are so helpful and are quick to offer suggestions and feedback. $1 spice jars can’t be beat and you can buy small quantities so that if you don’t use things very often that they won’t go stale. Their spices are all organic and very fresh. Just wonderful.  If you haven’t had a chance to go in please do.”

Wanda from Denver, CO says, “A friend introduced me to the shop in Boulder last year and I have been in love ever since. If you have any interest in cooking, then the Savory Spice Shop is the place for you. All of the spices are so fresh and so much better than the pre-packaged spices that you purchase in a grocery store. Imagine looking for cinnamon and finding 5 or more different varieties. I love that you can purchase a small plastic bag of a couple of ounces, a smallish glass jar (that can be refilled) or larger sizes, as you prefer. I went in to the Lowry location on my way home from work looking to make tacos and I didn’t want to buy another taco seasoning mix. The people in my household are very exacting, so it was great to be able to pick up a couple different types of taco seasoning and let the “men” pick out which seasoning they would prefer with the evening’s tacos. I purchased two 2-oz packs for under $5 and tried them out. Everyone enjoyed the taco seasoning and we were pleased with the flavorful quality. The Savory Spice Shop also carries several blends that are already set up in glass jars for around $5 each. We really enjoy the new flavors that their spices have given to our food. Just enjoy and be happy. Good spices, flavor and happy staff. Can’t go wrong here.” 

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