Yelp Review for the week – Babylon Floral

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Babylon Floral, situated at 1223 E 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80218. Few of the top reviews are given below:

Melissa, from Denver, CO says, “Babylon Floral is my new favorite florist! The shop is beautiful, peaceful and inviting. It took me walking around the store three times before I really felt that I had seen everything, mostly because, with his arrangements, I found the smallest details to be the prettiest and there were a LOT of small details. Arthur was very friendly and when he asked what kind of occasion I needed a fresh arrangement for (my sister is currently bed-ridden after getting into a pretty gnarly scooter accident), and what my budget was ($40) he knew exactly what to put together for me. 10 minutes later, he was done and the finished product was a masterpiece! I came home promptly and told my husband that all future floral purchases absolutely MUST come from Babylon. After seeing the arrangement that Arthur put together, my husband definitely agreed that we’d be working with them again in the future.”

Rachel, from Denver, CO says, “After reading all of the wonderful reviews here and in other places on the web, I thought I would pop in to check out the shop and talk with Arthur about our wedding flowers this fall. I really was amazed by Arthur’s level of creativity, his vision, and his ability to communicate with me (who lacks both of those things in terms of flowers!!) to provide me with flowers that were simply gorgeous. For the level of service I received from Arthur and his staff, I expected a bill to be at least twice as much as the one we actually paid… I loved every blossom in the building on our wedding day, and all of the guests were equally impressed. Thank you, Arthur!!  Your craft is such a gift and you really blew us all away with the incredibly beautiful blooms you made for our special celebration. I am so grateful to you!! Brides, make sure you call this shop if you are looking for something unique and beautiful to make your day as special as it should be!!”

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