Vinue Food and Wine Bar – Yelp Review of The Week

Vinue Food and Wine Bar – Yelp Review of The Week

Vinue Food and Wine Bar, located at 2817 East 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80206. Offers a very unique concept, by allowing all guest to have the option of sampling all of their fine wines in 3 different amounts using a EnoMatic wine system. Run by a small group of people of restaurant operators and chefs, with more than 45 years of experience combined and who firmly believe that entertaining is all about sharing and tasting great food, amazing wines and unforgettable moments. Vinue is a great place for a date, social gathering and hosting private events. The room automatically creates a social gathering that one can only find in their own living room. Also, they have a wide-range of small plates and flatbreads that can be paired with wine options and menus that light up to complement the mood-setting lighting.

With over 50+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:

Tyler S. from Denver, CO says: “The selection ranged from traditional whites to champagne and prosecco to reds to port. They even had a high end wine station with Silver Oak and Opus One! I like the concept as you are able to sample a variety of wines before pulling the trigger for a full glass. The prices ranged immensely for the different wines based on their price point. The prices also ranged from the size of the pour: 1oz, 3oz, or a full glass.”

Carrie L. from Denver, CO says: “You are given a card in which you prepay some amount. You then use the card to try one of the many wines at stations throughout the restaurant – a taste, half glass or full glass. Each wine has a great description so you can choose what fits your taste. The tapas were outstanding; we ordered 4 different small plates and walked away full. The tapas platter was delicious with crostini topped with an array of crab, steak, wild mushrooms and others. The tapas are reasonably priced and the service is exceptional. The wine is a little expensive if purchased a taste at a time, but worth the experience and opportunity to try so many. “

Russ S. from Aurora, CO says: “The automated dispensers for the wine bottles are ingenious affairs, requiring a credit card of sorts loaded with any predetermined dollar amount that you’d like your server to pre-allot. You insert the card into a slot, the machine checks the balance, you select a particular wine, then the amount of the pour, placing your wine glass under a dispenser to drip into your glass and the dispensing machine deducts the dollar amount of that particular pour from your credit account. Selections are plentiful, offering styles and varietals at many price points, ranging from lovely to pedestrian, and providing a great way to sample some exquisite wines without the expense of committing to an entire bottle.”

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