Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company – Yelp review of the week

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company, located at 7745 Wadsworth Blvd., Ste B, Arvada, CO 80003. Located off one of the busiest streets in the area, Two Rivers Coffee probably gets passed up hundreds of times a day by that “I’m in a hurry; I want my coffee fast and I don’t care who is making it” kind of patron. In short, Two Rivers Coffee is a welcome shop to the growing landscape of Specialty coffee here in Denver. The baristas are passionate about coffee and unpretentious, the roasters the shop uses are great, and the staff is dedicated to making customers the perfect coffee, brewed one cup at a time.

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Rachel from Denver, CO says, “We wanted to find a new coffee shop that was NOT Starbucks. Don’t get me wrong, we do like Starbucks, but love finding new places. We randomly found Two Rivers by searching maps online and are soooooo happy we did! The staff couldn’t have been friendlier, very knowledgeable, and the coffee was the BEST! We have definitely found our new coffee shop! It’s a few miles from home, but well worth the drive!”

Patti from Arvada, CO says, “I’m typically a black coffee kind of gal, and Two Rivers makes the best cup I’ve had. One day I decided to switch it up and have a latte. The milk was perfectly steamed (creamy, sweet … just like a latte should be), and the latte art was nice to see. Truly, their coffees are made with love.”

Andye from Arvada, CO says, “I’ve been a fan of Two Rivers for a couple of years now. The boyish charm of Eric still makes me blush and the fact he remembers not only my daughter’s order but also her name is a rare gift in this busy world. Staff aside, the coffee is divine! Rich, fresh beans make my non-coffee knowing brain jump for joy. Even without being an aficionado, I can deeply appreciate the flavorful roasts. There can sometimes be a bit of a wait for your order but it simply assures your beans are freshly ground and pressed for ya. To support local… and LIKE local… is a blessing. And the fact the Two Rivers calls Arvada home just shows how very hip our lil suburb is!”

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Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company


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