The Capital Grille, Denver, CO – Yelp review of the week

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of The Capital Grille, located at 1450 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80202. Come see why steak lovers are on a mile-high high in Denver. As the Zagat Guide praised, you’ll find “awesome steaks served by the pros are the order of the day” at The Capital Grille. It is centrally located in historic Larimer Square, just a few blocks’ walk from the Convention Center and Coors Field as well as the Denver Center for The Performing Arts. Complimentary valet parking makes it easy to succumb to the urge for the perfect steak.

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Justin from Westminster, CO says, “Great job as always Tiffany and Kelly, I had a great time and had the chance to meet other great yelpers! I had to leave early to a small family issue but the time I was able to spend there was phenomenal with the food, drinks and fast and friendly staff! Thanks again!”

Mike from Denver, CO says, “Wow, what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I think I had a cold one in my hand within about 2 minutes of getting my name tag, the servers were all super nice and very attentive. I plopped down at a table in the bar to catch some of the football game and the next thing I knew there were plates of sliders, lobster rolls, and truffle fries coming at me. All were REALLY good, well done Capital Grille! I heard a rumor that there was also some kind of soup and a salad going around but I don’t think any of it made it out to the bar area I was in. Not that I needed it, far from it! I guess the tip is if you want to try all the food at one of these things find a table by the kitchen and hit them up as they head out to the floor. Great crowd, great food & drink, great location. Thank you Tiffany N. for putting it all together, you’re the best!” 

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The Capital Grille Restaurant

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