The Brew Hut – Yelp Review of the Week

The Brew Hut, located at 15120 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014, is Colorado’s one stop homebrew shop. Since 1997, it has been providing home brewers and home winemakers with all of their equipment, ingredients and know-how.

With 30+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:

Andrew J. from Aurora, CO says: “Great place to get your brewing ingredient, the people that works there are very helpful if you need any assistance. It is nice that Dry Dock is right next door so you can have a bear after you are done shopping.”

Emily T. from Denver, CO says: “The Brew Hut, a candy store for home brewers, but instead of licorice and gummy worms, their inventory is stocked with hops, malt, and yeast. Located within the same building as Dry Dock, you’re able to drink while you shop, which is an idea I strongly encourage more stores to get on board with. Think about it, Nordstrom, you’d have a loyal customer for life. The employees here operate under the assumption that you know what you’re doing. They’ll stand back and let you fill your bag with grains, weigh your malt, and operate the mill and so on, but they are also very helpful should you have a question (or happen to jam the mill – oops!). If you’re not quite ready to take hold of the home brewing reigns, they also have kits to help get you started. No one is forcing you into the deep end…yet. If you’re like us and dream to be the next brewery on the block or if you just want to see if you can create something that’s drinkable and doesn’t make anyone blind, then visit the Brew Hut and they’ll get you set up.”

Danielle S. from Denver, CO says: “I came in here with Husband, an avid home brewer, and he was in heaven. I was also kind of in heaven since it’s interesting to look at all this stuff. I couldn’t imagine what they don’t have in this store. It seems like they have everything. A room full of grain. A small library. Refrigerators full of yeast. Kits. Cleaners. Supplies. Staff that knows what the heck they’re doing. If you’re looking for home brewing supplies, definitely go here.”


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The Brew Hut

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