The 1up – LoDo – Yelp Review of the Week

The 1up – LoDo – Yelp Review of the Week

The 1up – LoDo, located at 1925 Blake St., Denver, CO 80202, offers their twist on the Arcade Bar concept. It features more than 45 Classic Arcade Games, 16 Pinball Machines, 3 lanes of Classic Skee-Ball and multiple sets of giant Jenga. If playing all those games makes you hungry, you can order something delicious from their kitchen. They offer wings, burgers, cheese steaks and many other of your favorite foods, including many vegetarian options. They feature 14 beers on tap, 12 of which are craft, served from taps custom built into a Classic Arcade Game. They also offer their Hall-of-Fame collection of classic beers in vintage cans, a solid selection of 40oz bottles of malt liquor and a full bar featuring all your favorite liquors. They even have a Touch Tunes jukebox so you can select your favorite music.

With 250+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:  

Aaron F. from Boulder, CO says: “You’d think with all the gold coins Mario could quit his job as a PLUMBER. But he’s here, along with Qbert, Paper Boy, Tron, Track and Field, Donkey Kong, Galaga and every iteration of the PacMan genre. Whether you’re 40 or 14 you can take that time machine ride back to the 80s and live the arcade live for only 25 cents a play – 50 for pinball. Plus you can get your drink on. The beers are a little expensive and the bar gets crowded after 7 so make it your pre-game spot and enjoy the splendor that is the 1-Up” 

Alex B. from Golden Triangle, Denver, CO says: “THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT DOWNTOWN!! Forget the big sausage factories and dance floors of the clubs, grab some friends and cheese up the 4-person PAC-MAN game! Grab a few drinks, may be some shots, and play some giant jenga! Don’t get me wrong, it can get just as packed as anyplace else in LoDo’s on a Friday or Saturday, but if you just want to go out, play a few games (best pinball selection around!), or even stop in solo and make a friend, you’ll never have a bad time at the 1-Up.”

Jennifer M. from Denver, CO says: “I feel that if you do not have a good time at the 1up you are incapable of experiencing fun. Maybe beer and video games aren’t your thing, I don’t know. Maybe you’re just an inherently joyless person. I guess I shouldn’t judge, you may have been scarred by many lost allowances to Paperboy. If that’s the case, now is the time to take that big grown up paycheck in for a rematch. You have beer on your side this time. You can do it!” 


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