What Adds Value To Your Home?

From this title, you may already suspect that I’m going to suggest updating your bathrooms and kitchen. And you’re right. If you plan to sell your home in the near future for top dollar, updating these spaces is a given. But what else can you do to boost your home’s value? We’ll get to that in a minute, but sometimes it’s helpful to take a little quiz to find out what you do and do not know. Respond to each statement as either true or false.

1) Any remodeling project is a good one.
2) I can and I should do it myself.
3) Pools add value.
4) Always follow the latest design trends.

If you answered false to all of the above, you did well. Let’s talk about why.

1) If you remodeled your living room to look like a concert hall in order to showcase your baby grand, that might be a problem if you try to sell and the potential buyers don’t know the white keys from the black ones.

2) Some of us are more qualified than others to take on home remodeling projects. Know your limitations and leave it to the professionals when necessary.

3) If you live in a warm climate year round your home’s value may benefit from a pool, but in Colorado they’re costly to maintain and actually a liability.

4) Following the latest design trends may seem like the right thing now, but peach wallpaper may be out in a few years. Stick with neutral, easy-to-work-with finishes that are timeless.

So that’s what not to do. Now let’s explore projects that do add value to your home. Here’s a quick list of potential projects to not only boost value but help your home sell quickly, too.

• Refurbish or finish the basement
• Put in a deck or patio
• Do a major bath remodel
• Paint, paint, paint
• Add on to or finish an attic space
• Build a second floor
• Revive or remodel the kitchen
• Replace siding
• Get a new roof
• Update the landscaping
• Install new windows
• Replace or repair flatwork (concrete)

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