The Highlands

It was a warm spring evening, and you could tell everyone had cabin fever from the long winter. People were jamming up 32nd Street, Mead Street Station sidewalk dinning was filled to capacity, a line was forming out the side of the local coffee shop and the 20-something crowd was just getting revved up for a big Friday night.

I was there in the Highlands neighborhood (around 32nd Street and Lowell Boulevard, extending south to Sloan’s Lake) taking a young couple to look for their first home. As we looked at houses in the area, there were people walking down to the lake carrying a canoe, two guys were racing their mountain bikes down Tennyson and a young family was barbecuing out in their yard with family and friends. You should have seen the look on my clients’ faces. It was as if they just landed in heaven, and I understood exactly what they were feeling. Heck, if I was 25 again I’d like to live in the Highlands. What an eclectic neighborhood with terrific local shopping, restaurants, meeting places and plenty of those 1920s and 1930s bungalows. The college grad group is moving into this neighborhood, and no wonder. It’s fast becoming a real hot spot.

My guess is if you bought into this neighborhood five or six years ago and you’re thinking about selling your home now, you’ll probably do pretty well. I spoke with Realtor Amy Rose from Keller Williams and she said five years ago these 1,200- to 1,500-square-foot bungalows were right around $180K to $200K. Now, that same 1932, three bedroom, 2 bathroom 1,300-square-foot model is going for $370K. As you might expect, it gets pricier the closer you get to Sloan’s Lake, with those homes running in the high $400s and low $500s.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary new build or a classic 1930, if you want to live with the “in crowd,” check out the Highlands area.

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