Now Is The Time To Speak With An Agent

The Christmas presents are opened and you’ve made the returns. There’s just one more party, and after New Year’s it’s back to business, the business of selling your home, that is. Making your home a marketable property takes some time and effort, though. Most people think you just stick a sign in the front yard and list it in the local MLS. But I recommend much more. So if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market in January, get the process started now.

First, meet with a few agents and decide who you feel comfortable with. I mean this sincerely because selling your home is a big transaction that deserves proper attention. Paying a lower commission will not replace high-quality service, trust and confidence when it comes to a deal of this magnitude. Since this is still December, many agents aren’t as frantic as usual so it’s a good time to set up meetings.

After selecting the right agent for you, it’s time to shift your focus to your house. You and your agent should look at your home with a buyer’s eye. In other words, what flaws will stand out and therefore need to be corrected, and what are the best features you should highlight? In most cases, first-rate agents have stagers they work with that can help draw out the full potential of your home. Even if no major renovations are required prior to listing, bringing your home up to show-ready condition can take a few weeks.

Developing and implementing a marketing plan also takes time. Print ads usually need to be submitted 30 to 60 days before they hit newsstands. Photography, video tours and even Internet marketing requires some forethought. It all adds up, but a little decision-making now will get you on the market by mid to late January.

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