It’s Never Too Late For A Fresh Start

I heard a story not too long ago about some scientists that found seeds perfectly sealed in an air-tight compartment of a time capsule. The scientists weren’t sure what the seeds were or how long they’d been there. In the lab they discovered the seeds were over 2,000 years old. Would they still grow, and if so, what would they be? They planted the seeds in pots with good soil and gave them plenty of warm sunlight with lots of water. Sure enough, in a couple of weeks those seeds bloomed into the most beautiful exotic flowers you’ve ever seen. Most likely, the scientists determined, they were flowers that have long been extinct.

What’s the point of the story, and how does it relate to real estate? Very simply the seeds gave us proof that it’s never too late for a fresh start. Despite being in hibernation for 2,000 years, those seeds still had the potential to be the most gorgeous flower on planet Earth. January is the time of fresh starts. Everyone wants to start off the new year on the right foot, and that includes real estate.

For sellers, that might mean coming up with a new marketing plan to sell your home. Or maybe you should consider some decorating or remodeling options to improve your home’s appeal. Perhaps it’s time to switch agents and agencies for fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Buyers, maybe you got discouraged last year when you couldn’t find the right home or the right deal. Now is a great time to explore some neighborhoods you previously ruled out. When you set your expectation to be successful every time you go out and look, you’ll be surprised how often it’s true.

Finally for agents, last year was a rough year for anyone associated with this industry. But you haven’t had your best selling year yet. It’s still to come. You have more potential in your little finger that those 2,000-year-old seeds. This year could be the one your career blossoms into the most wonderful surprise.

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