Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop – Yelp Review of the Week

Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, located at 3800 Irving St., Denver, CO 80211, is the only bicycle shop for people who want to learn about cycling without the fuss of sorting through hours of information and hype. Salvagetti love the products they sell. You will, too. No one enjoys returning something that doesn’t work (at all or as promised), so they only sell quality products that they know to be great. They know that if you have a great experience with them, you’ll come back and you may even bring your friends with you. They consider it their job to make you love cycling.

With 65+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:

Brian A. from Denver, CO says: “I recently got my bike back from getting a tune up, a well priced tune up I might add. When I brought the bike in, the mechanics were extremely thorough with me as I went over everything that sucks with my bike. When I picked up my bike today, they showed me all the ways they made my bike suck less. The spring in my rear derailleur is going out and there was nothing they could do to fix it to make it better. After going over my options, they informed me that if I ever want to replace the derailleur, they’ll comp me the labor charge since they weren’t handing me my bike back in 100% condition. That’s a winning recipe for customer loyalty in my book. They also sell Mosaic Bicycles which are out of my price range, but give me something to drool over in the store. Custom Ti frames from Boulder. Yum. Their selection of bike accessories is pretty wide as well.”

Clair S. from Denver, CO says: “These guys are awesome. I have a jogging stroller that was veering to the left so I called them to see if it was something they might be able to fix. The guy I spoke to on the phone was courteous and honest. He said it was something they might be able to fix but wouldn’t know until they took a look at it. He told me to just drop by so I did that afternoon. The bicycle mechanic was super nice, didn’t make me feel intimidated or give off any bike snob vibes. He was also very knowledgeable. He measured my stoller to make sure the frame wasn’t bent, found out it was a problem with the front wheel, corrected it, showed me how to correct it in case it happened again and then didn’t charge me anything for it! What a sweetheart. We’ll definitely be going back to these guys for all of our bicycle/jogging stroller needs in the future.”


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Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop

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