Real Estate Team or Single Agent

Real Estate Team or Single Agent

When you choose to sell your home you probably have a realtor in mind for the job. In fact, we are seeing more and more sellers interview multiple agents for the position of marketing and selling their home. What most sellers don’t realize is the amount of work that actually goes into selling a home. This is where using a team versus a single agent can benefit the seller enormously.

The team concept for real estate is relatively new. The idea of real estate is one that a single agent will work with any given seller to market and subsequently sell their home. After the sale, the same agent will then take that seller out to find their next dream home. Gary Keller, of Keller Williams, has made it absolutely clear that you need to leverage your time to be as successful as you possibly can be. This is where the team concept comes into play.

When you have a team you allow yourself to strive at what’s most important for your business and ultimately for your clients. Not everyone is suited to work closely with sellers. Not everyone is suited to work closely with buyers. A team leverages your time efficiently so you choose what you excel at and find help for the areas you aren’t great at. Every listing requires paperwork, marketing, and prospecting to eventually sell the home. Not every agent is good at coming up with marketing pieces, staying on top of dates and deadlines, and most agents are not great at prospecting for their listings.

By having a team that sells your home; you have a marketing department that does nothing but come up with marketing pieces for your property. With a team you’ll have a transaction coordinator that handles all of the intricate files, dates, deadlines, and ensures nothing falls between the cracks. By using a team to sell your home, you’ll have an inside sales associate that does nothing but finds buyers for your property. By using a team, the details of selling your home are spread amongst specialist for each part of the process instead of being on the shoulders of one lone agent who is probably not suited to handle the entire aspect of selling your home.

Outside of real estate, teams are integrated in to every aspect of your life. If you go out to dinner the host seats you, the server takes your order, the kitchen cooks your food, the food runner delivers your dinner, the sommelier pours your wine, the bartenders make your cocktails, and the manager oversees your entire experience. It’s the same way at banks, dealerships, auto shops, movie theatres, dentists, doctors, etc. The most successful businesses in the world run as a team. Why should real estate be any different?

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