Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

My wife and I are currently looking to purchase our first home. As a buyer’s agent for my team I am used to seeing home after home and knowing that what it looks like in a photo may not be what it looks like in person; for better or for worse. I think my wife said, “Looking at photos of homes online is like internet dating.” Nine times out of ten what you get in person is not what you signed up for. Here’s some tips when taking real estate photography that won’t leave your buyers wishing for something more.

Do hire a professional photography company that specializes in real estate photos to take the photography of your home. I hate to say it but you can tell when it’s a camera phone photo. What makes matters worse is it shows that either A) the seller doesn’t care or B) the agent doesn’t care. There’s nothing worse than having a house with a high price tag and seven photos taken from a smart phone to show the home off.

Do clean the house up before photos are taken. I can’t tell you how many times my buyers will send me property they want to see and the photos are showing a house that looks like a tornado just swept through. Dishes in the sink, clutter everywhere, people in the photos, trash, you name it. If you’re going to make a great first impression, which is what a photo is for your home, than do it right. Pick up the house.

Do put ample photos online for consumers to look. While you may be satisfied with the only photo of the house being the one photo of the front or maybe seven or eight buyers aren’t. Fewer photos does not make them want to see the house more. In fact less makes them scared that there’s nothing worth seeing.

Do use HD photos when you put your photos online. You’ve followed the above advice and have cleaned the home and it’s ready for photos and you’ve hired a company to do the photos or maybe you’re doing them yourself. Whatever ever the case, make sure you take HD photos. You can easily see the difference between an HD photo and a normal photo.

Last but not least, please make sure your home looks like the photo. If you’ve done all the above and then it gets time to show the house in person and it doesn’t look like the photo you’ve got a problem. As my wife said this is the problem with internet dating. You say and show one thing and in reality it’s the exact opposite. Don’t let your home fall into the internet dating trap of real estate photography.

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