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• Advantages of a Seller’s Market
• Denver’s Most Exciting Neighborhoods
• Proposal to Limit Denver’s New Construction Permits


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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s show of ask the Colorado Dream House team. I’m your host Dan Polimino company alive from Denver, Colorado. Good afternoon, everyone. Every Tuesday and Thursday about this time we talk about real estate buying and selling real estate, so whatever you need, this is a good source for you to come to right here on facebook, Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. As always, if you have a question for us, feel free to leave a comment or question here on facebook and we’ll answer those questions sometimes. Here on the show, you can also email us@teamatColoradoDreamHouse.com or give us a call, seven to zero for [inaudible]. We would love to help you buy, sell, or invest in real estate to things we’d like to accomplish. Every show we usually give you some news you can use and we answer your questions. So let’s get to today’s news you can use and it goes like this.
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Dan, how do I take advantage of an upcoming seller’s market in the spring, summer selling season? Or what if a big company comes to town like Amazon? How do I. How am I ready to take advantage of something like that? Well, it’s very, very simple. It’s called two words. Two words to take advantage of a seller’s market. One deferred maintenance. Actually there’s a third word which is upgrades, right? Deferred maintenance and upgrades. These are the biggest places where I see people either leave some money on the table or really don’t get that premium price. So ask yourself, am I really ready to sell my home? Is it ready to fetch a top dollar? And usually the question is, are the answer is yes if you’ve upgraded it and if you’ve taken cared of taking care of deferred maintenance. Now what do I mean by deferred maintenance?
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You know the little things, the projects, there’s a couple of crack roof tiles you haven’t replaced, right? There’s cocking issues around the STUCCO. The House hasn’t been painted in a while and there may be cracks in the concrete. Uh, the hardwood floors don’t look as good as they used to. The place could really use a touch up on the painting. How about replacing some new carpeting? Boy, that’s some really old tile in the bathrooms. These are upgrades and deferred maintenance issues. Now, if you’ve taken care of these over the years and you’ve done the upgrades and you’ve taken care of the deferred maintenance and the house is in pristine condition, then you are in position to take advantage of a seller’s market. You are going to get top dollar, you are going to get premium dollar and your house is going to sell before everybody else’s.
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I’ve seen it year after year after year. That’s the key. Now, if you say to yourself, well, I haven’t done a lot of these projects, I’ve been taken care of a lot of the deferred maintenance. Hey, it’s not too late. Contact us. We are one stop shop. We’ve got all the contractors, whether it’d be roof, minor, handyman stuff, major stuff, paint, carpet, HV, AC, plumbing, you name it, we’ve got it, and we can have your house in tip top shape in no time. Of course, after it looks so good when we’re done, you’re not gonna want to sell it. You’re not going to want to leave. That’s a possibility. That’s happened before, but remember, deferred maintenance and upgrades. If you haven’t done those, then you’re not in position to take advantage of this seller’s market and get a premium price. If you want to talk more about that, give us a call here at the Colorado Dream House team is why we call it news.
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You can use. All right, today’s questions. Dear Colorado Dream House team, where is one of the most exciting areas of town to live in right now? Great question. You know, it’s so hard to pinpoint just one. I mean, obviously if you’re over towards mile high stadium and that north side of town, you know, you’re thinking of, um, sloans lake, you’re thinking of low, high. You’re thinking of the Rhino district. Uh, all very, very hot areas right now. Very fun places to live. Tends to skew a little younger towards millennials, but again, great, great atmosphere. Lot going on there. A great walkability, uh, other areas like the new sterling ranch that you’ve heard me talk about here, down south, kind of Santa Fe and tighten road, that huge development that’s going on over there. <Unk> homes being built over 25 years. Some of the best builders around a showcasing their products, check it out, and the other area that just doesn’t seem to, uh, ever.
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Um, slow down is stapleton. I was just out there today driving around stapleton and you look at the new beeler park, uh, that’s coming in. Stapleton is just going to be an outstanding community. There’s so much buzz and there’s so much going on there. You got to check it out. And there’s more areas around town. It couldn’t possibly mention them all here in this video. But those are three that come to mind. A dear Colorado Dream House team. There’s a proposal going around to limit the number of construction permits in Denver. Thoughts? Yeah. There’s this guy by the last name of haze out a golden that he and his wife, uh, by the last name of page or putting together a ballot, excuse me, initiative and think gets ballot initiative 66. And their whole idea was to get enough signatures to throw it on the November ballot and limit the number of construction permits in the city and county of Denver because they say we are issuing too many.
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And we’re growing too fast. Their premise is if we slow down the growth that that’s going to bring prices in balance, that that’s going to provide less traffic and congestion, that’s going to provide more affordability, will use less resources. All of that is just a bunch of bunk. I don’t believe it for a New York minute. Um, in fact, I think it’s going to do the opposite. If we start limiting construction prices are just going to go up higher and higher and there’s going to be less and less inventory and less and less opportunity for people. We are already in a major, major shortfall in the number of homes available for people to buy. So limiting the number of construction permits is a bad idea. Write a dear Colorado Dream House team. How long will it take you to get a home ready and on the market? Well, that really depends.
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Uh, there’s a lot of times we meet with sellers that there’s nothing to do. The house is show ready and boom, we come in, we have our copywriter write all the copy, we shoot the photography and we’re on. And a couple of days we can move that quickly. There’s other places where we’re going to have to do a little work. We’re going to have to de-clutter. My stages is going to have to come in, there’s going to be some touch-up paint work and it takes a couple of weeks or so to get it all prepped and ready to go. It just really depends. So wherever you are in the process, if you’re ready to go, we’re ready to talk with you and we’ll get it out in the market. Which reminds me, don’t forget about the 2:50 marketing guarantee and it simply says this, if you’re thinking about selling your house this spring, interview us the Colorado Dream House team and look at our marketing plan, interview our competition and look at their marketing plan. And if their marketing plan for your home is better than ours, you can hire them. And we’ll pay a $250 in cash. Hey, that seems like the easiest [inaudible] ever made just for meeting with us for 30 minutes, right? Check out all the details on our website. Go to Colorado dream house.com forward slash to 50. All right. I guarantee you can’t miss with this. Look forward to talking to you again on Thursday. That’s today’s show. Everybody have a great week.