Photo Friday Beginning this week we start a new feature on our blog called “Photo Friday”. Each week we’ll post a new photograph of the good life we live here in Colorado. Please pass the photos along to friends and family.  Photo Friday is not just for me (Dan Polimino) to post pictures of Colorado. It’s also about your photo moments and the life you live in Colorado. That could be pictures of a weekend concert in the park, an awesome Colorado sunset, your pets, friends, kids and parties. Please feel free to send us some of your own photographs we’d love to see where you live, pictures of your life and we’ll post them on our sites. I’ll start it off with the first picture of Photo Friday and it’s of my two children. Yes I am just like everyone else a proud father and they clearly have been the crowning achievement in my life. Micah (5) and Malia (2) make their Daddy proud and make me smile every day.

Micah & Malia

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