Patxi Pizza – Yelp Review of the Week

Patxi Pizza – Yelp Review of the Week

Patxi Pizza, is located at 1598 E 17th Ave Denver, CO 80218. With three locations in Cherry Creek, Cherry Hill and recently, Uptown. Patxi’s offers their guests an assortment of delicious Chicago and Italian styled pizzas and gourmet salads that are irresistible. Created by two entrepreneurs in Palo Alto, CA, decided to open their new locations in Denver due to their love for the outdoors. Their pizzas featured two distinct, handcrafted styles of dough, four types of mozzarella and over 30 different fresh meat and veggie toppings. One of the most popular item on the menu is their Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza: a deep dish pizza with a layer of crust on the bottom, followed by toppings and cheese, all covered by another thin layer of dough, and topped with homemade sauce. Patxi’s is not just a pizza joint, but an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and for everyone to enjoy.

With over 100+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:

Michelle P. Morrison, CO: We went here for lunch yesterday and the place is truly inviting, and the food was great.  They have a lunch special – a slice of pizza, salad and soft drink for $10.  You can pick any salad, and trust me, they’re huge for the combination deal!  Between our groups, we had a Caesar, butter lettuce and arugula, and they were divine.  I hate when you order a combination meal like this, and the salad is skimpy.  NOT the case here, and the dressings were delicious.  On to the pizza – the others had thin crust pepperoni, and it was outstanding!  I had the thick crust stuffed meat, and it was good, although a little undercooked, and I would have liked a little more meat (and sadly, a little more grease).  The sauce is delicious, and not too overwhelming, and the cheese is extremely fresh!  It was the perfect balance of flavors.  They have an excellent variety of toppings to choose from, and I will go back to try the variety of appetizers on the menu.  Our service from Merlin, was top notch!  He was very attentive, had a great sense of humor, and was always available.  The decor in the restaurant is fun (bowling alley wood for tables) and the place smells very new!  Ample parking in the back, and a customer oriented, friendly vibe!  This is a place to hit, for sure!

Rick K. Denver, CO: This is total revision of earlier review. Still love it after 7 visits. Living near this location we love it! When you go to Patxi’s this is not a Pizza Hut, My companion and I know we will spend nearly 50 to 60 dollars with tip.  We are both retired.  So why do we go here every couple weeks? Simply, we both feel like we have arrived at a friend’s house for dinner.  The wait staff and the atmosphere makes us feel like we are among friends.  To us this is the magic of Patxi’s. A welcoming atmosphere and fabulous fresh food presented beautifully prepared. We leave feeling relaxed and like we have spent time with friends. The salads are very fresh, At Happy hour appetizers are 1/2 price. The ingredients in Pizza are priced separately so can add extra to your order to double the amount of like the fennel sausage. The artichoke drip is worth the price of admission. The pizza sauce is very thick and tasty. The cheese is very thick on pizza. They have full bar good wine and beer. It brings back memories of Chicago in 1968 but lacks the great Willie Dixon blues. Best since then. There is a beautiful front porch on 17th Ave, north side, cannot wait for summer YES.

Alexis G. Denver, CO: This is definitely the coolest Patxi’s in Colorado!  The ambiance is casual, the crowd is relaxed, and the food, as always, is outstanding! You must have the burrata if you are eating at Patxi’s.  It is, and always will be, my favorite warm, gooey appetizer where cheese and tomato confit create a perfect marriage of yumminess.  We also had a meatball appetizer that was served in a homemade tomato sauce that would make any Italian grandmother proud.  For our main dish, our server recommended the salsiccia in pan-style.  I don’t think pan-style pizza is on the menu, but apparently, you can request any of the typical deep-dish or thin crust pizzas in pan-style on the cornmeal crust.  It was an excellent recommendation and everyone at our table loved it!!!

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