Host a great open house


You’ve listed your home and now you’d like to invite the public in to take a peek.  Here are a few things to remember:


DO de-clutter – buyers need to see themselves in your home.  That’s hard to do with your kids sports equipment is on the floor, your home office paperwork scattered all over your desk and 100 picture frames of your family.  Just like when you’re taking pictures to list your home, LESS IS MORE.  Like, a lot less. Almost nothing. 

DON’T leave items such as weapons, prescription medicine and jewelry in your home. 


DO time it right –Also, host it when people are available.  If you’re trying to attract agents, try a happy hour – since that’s when we are least busy. If you’re hoping for buyers directly, weekends are best.  Three hour time blocks in the late-morning or early afternoon.

DON’T host your open house during a big sporting event or city-wide gathering.


DO shout it from the roof tops – Advertise your event online, in print and by mouth.  Create a flier you can hand out to neighbors (wouldn’t they like to pick their next neighbor instead of leaving it up to you?).  Put out an open house sign with day/time information 3-5 days prior to the open house.  Online create an event on any sites you can including Zillow &  Craigslist. The day of the open house, put out as many signs as you can.  Consider adding directional signage from all major intersections, turn by turn, to your home.

DON’T just put a sign out right before your event and pray.


DO add fresh, light scents.  Think: flowers or any air freshener with the words ‘air’ ‘mountain’ or ‘beach’.

DON’T leave out liter boxes or dog beds – anything that could be stinky. Also, don’t opt for the air freshener that’s peach, honey, patchouli-overpowering-mess.  Some people are very sensitive to smells. 


To feed them or not to feed them?

You want people to see themselves in your house and stay a while.  But you don’t what to spend a fortune on strangers. I get it.  Create a happy balance.  I always provide waters; they are inexpensive and everyone gets parched so I think waters can help people stay longer – consider printing a sticker with our homes picture on it and your contact information.  I also suggest light refreshments.  Stick with something seasonal and a finger food. I use really nice candies or cookies a lot (because who doesn’t like sweets).  But you could also provide pigs-in-a-blanket during football season or something that speaks to the location of your home.

Written by Sarah Whitely
Sarah Whitely is a Broker with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact the Colorado Dream House Team at 720-446-6325, Follow us on TwitterLike us on Facebook, Watch us on YouTubeQuestions?