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Nordstrom Rack, located at 393 South Vance St., Lakewood, CO 80226, is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Since 1901, they have been committed to providing their customers with the best possible service – and to improving it every day.

With 15+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:

Emily C. from Denver, CO says: ”While this place is discounted from Nordstrom’s regular pricing, some of it can still be very expensive. That being said, there are some fantastic deals to be found here, and for the vast majority of their products, it’s of much higher quality than you would ever find at a place like Target or Kohl’s. The one huge boon to The Rack is the huge shoe selection. Not only do they offer up a ton of shoes at pretty good prices, they also carry larger sized shoes for women. I’m talking size 12, 13, 14. They usually have about 50-70 pairs of my size 12 shoe to try–a lot of them are stilettos or pumps, but from time to time, I find fantastic shoes that are just my size. The other thing is that this particular Nordstrom’s Rack gets the tall sizes for women. Other Racks in the area get the majority of the petites, everybody gets the regular and plus sizes… But here, this is where I can find pants that fit my 6′ figure. They don’t have a massive selection of tall women’s sizes, but you’ll probably find it here before you find it at another Rack. The staff are helpful, but not in your face. Sure, they have to offer you the credit card at every transaction, but nobody has ever seemed annoyed to give me the schpiel, and I’ve never had to sit through an awkward, “are you sure?” when I decline the card. So, that’s cool. They just kinda let you do your own thing and browse at your leisure.”

Megan M. from Willis, TX says: “This place has great product not just off season leftovers that no one really wants. I was super excited to get some cute Tory Burch sandals, Coach wedges, and a few other high end designers that usually sell quick in my size. I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were almost too many options and oh how I wish our Nordstrom Rack was as organized and laden with goodies as this one. Maybe I just haven’t hit the Houston one at the right time, but it never has as many great designers in the shoe department as this one. I highly doubt we don’t have the demographics to support it, but maybe they just move the product in the main store too well down in Texas. Anyway I was only shopping for cute flats and sandals, but man I wish I could come to Denver’s NR during boot season. If I was in the market for clothes I saw a few darling items and in my size no less. woohoo! My hubby lucked out with several great T’s and a fabulous pair of True Religion jeans that were a steal. He would never in a million years have paid full price for them, but at NR he finally broke down and got a pair of nice jeans. Mama is a happy girl! hehehe I am kind of glad you are so far away because if I could visit weekly I would be broke very quickly. ha ha Not to mention it makes it more of a treat when we visit each ski season. We will always make a pit stop at NR in Denver. The staff are friendly, the store is well maintained, and the stock is definitely worth a trip. Bravo and keep up the good work!”


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Nordstrom Rack

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