Now That’s Reality TV

This Courtesy of Michelle Kung at the Wall Street Journal:

TLC’s newest real estate reality show, “Hope for Your Home,” which debuted Saturday at 8:30 p.m., gives financially strained home owners $10,000 to make practical improvements that could help make the house sell and get them out of a hole.

The families, who are all based in Southern California, confer with real estate practitioners, mortgage brokers, and contractors then use the cash to do things like fix the bathroom plumbing, reseed the front yard or – in one family’s case – get the washing machine out of the back yard.

After the fix-up, the property is reappraised. In some episodes the result will seem disappointing, says show host and veteran real estate professional Kirsten Kemp Becker.

“There are certainly episodes where it’s not necessarily feel-good TV at the end, but it’s a real profile for what’s going on,” says Becker. “Sometimes, there’s nothing to do except try hard and hope to be rewarded.”

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