Expect Good Things

It’s been a full year since the credit crisis began, and what a painful time for everyone associated with the real estate industry. But I think it’s time for all of us – sellers, buyers, real estate agents and lenders – to take a deep breath and change our mindset about this situation. I’m talking about sellers expecting their homes to sell to the right people at the right prices, buyers expecting to find their dream homes, and real estate agents expecting to sell every last one of their listings. In short, we need to expect good things from this industry.

I’m not having an Anthony Robbins kumbaya moment here. This is simply a practice I’ve kept up for years, and it has served me well. I start each morning expecting good things to happen in my life. I expect to sell every one of my listings. I expect to have a favorable interaction with everyone whose path I cross. I expect to have a good day.

You’re probably thinking “Well Dan, does something good happen to you every day?” No. In fact, some days everything that can go wrong does. But I still get up the next morning and say, “Something good is going to happen to me today!” We have to take captive our thoughts because they determine our victory or our loss. It’s easy to think “Nothing good ever happens to me, and today is going to be another bad day.” But just like you can make a habit of having a negative mindset, you can also create a habit of a positive mindset.

Listen folks, if we’re going to get through this housing market crisis we have to revamp our mindset, in other words our faith, and start expecting good things to happen. The alternative is to be sour or have no expectations, nothing to look forward to, and that’s just no way to live. So get up tomorrow morning and set the expectation that you’ll have a great day, whether you’re part of the real estate industry or not. Remember, your best day is yet to come and we need to stay in a constant attitude of expectancy.

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