Lucile’s Creole Cafe – Yelp Review of the Week

Lucile’s Creole Cafe – Yelp Review of the Week

Lucile’s Creole Cafe is located at 2124 14th Street, Boulder, CO 80302. After 32 years, Lucile’s is still providing the best breakfast we can find. As a family establishment Lucile’s has always strived to provide a comfortable and unique atmosphere as well as excellent food. The original restaurant in Boulder Colorado resides in a small Victorian house painted our signature pale yellow. The menu is adorned with a photograph of the owner and his mother Lucile, the restaurants namesake.

With 410+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:  

Brandon F. from Golden, CO says: “If you don’t love this place then something is horribly wrong with you! The only bad thing about it is the wait if you try to go during peak hours on a hangover. I get the shrimp and grits every time and it is delicious and spicy. The beignets are amazing and so are the biscuits. The service is decent,  but I’m too busy busting a nut over the food to care. I’ve tried the crawfish etouffe and some type of French Toast with a buttery vanilla syrup- both equally delicious. Just go!” 

Erin S. from Lakewood, CO says: “This food was so good, it made me wanna slap my mamma! Not that I would slap my mamma because that is not a nice thing to do and she would be really mad if I did that. But I digress. Jeff S and I came here Friday morning for breakfast. I have never been here and am not sure if I have ever driven past it or seen it before. The first thing I noticed as we were walking up was the fire pit out front with tons of seating around it and how large the patio was. They have done a great job with utilizing all the space they have and you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of other patrons. This was a great post turkey day spot. It looked super busy and I was thinking we would have to wait. But alas, we were seated right away. Our waitress came over in just a couple of minutes with water and took our drink orders. Nothing says happy Friday like a Mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice. When she came back, we were ready to order. They brought out biscuits for both of us and these things are huge. It really hit the spot while we were waiting for our food. They were piping hot and the butter just melted right on there. Just thinking about those is making me drool…. I ordered the Creole Omelet and I couldn’t believe how much they were able to fit inside the omelet. It came with ham, spicy sausage all mixed together with a Creole sauce. It wasn’t overly spicy and the cheese helped give it a little bit of a smokey flavor. The grits were made really well too. I have never been a big fan of them, and I am not really quite sure why but these were some of the best that I think I have ever had. Jeff ordered the biscuits and gravy and those were really good as well. Again with those huge biscuits and a really tasty country gravy. For as busy as they were, there was not an unusually long wait for the waitress to acknowledge us, drinks, food, or the check. Our waitress was really nice and not overbearing but was not absent either. While we were deciding on food, I was looking at their lunch options and everything looked so good that I can’t wait to come back!” 

Ashley C. from Denver, CO says: “This place is great. I love the style/decor of the place. Their cornbread is to DIE for. It is very authentic. I’ve eaten both breakfast and lunch at Lucile’s. My favorite thing on the menu is the shrimp po boy. It is just incredible. The wait can be a bit long, but it is worth it. Its one of the very best places for brunch in Denver.”


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