Lessons From My Children

Today is Christmas and it’s my favorite day of the year. I sincerely hope that you and your family are blessed this Holiday season and you have a wonderful day today.

If you have been following my column for some time, you would know that this is one week of the year when I do not write about business. I believe there are 51 weeks of the year to do that. So this week, like in years past, I’ll write about the stories that really matter.

This past June, we had one of the worst hailstorms in Colorado that we’ve had in 12 years. In the south metro area, the hail destroyed thousands of roofs, home sidings, windows, screens, and just about everyone’s freshly planted flowers and vegetables. We were not immune. I had the vegetable garden planted only about 10 days when the hail wiped out most of it. My son, Micah, and I went down to the plot to see if the six tomato plants survived. When we got there, we were stunned. There was not one single leaf left on any of the plants. We had six sticks standing straight up in the air that used to be our tomato plants. Micah and I just stood in silence. He didn’t look at me and I did not look at him. As we just stood and stared, I think that neither of us knew what to say. Finally, Micah looked up at me and said, “Maybe we should pray!” I could only smile and laugh. Once again, my son had more wisdom than his father. I hugged and told him that I thought it was a splendid idea. We prayed over the plants and several months later, they all came back to produce a wonderful crop of tomatoes.

It was late April and we were all heading out of town. We were sitting by the gate, waiting to board our plane. The kids were playing, my wife was keeping tabs on them, and I was busy returning emails and phone calls. The last few days had been particularly stressful and I guess it was showing on my face. I had just gotten off the phone and was sitting quietly, waiting for our boarding number to be called. My little girl walked over to me and said, “Daddy why do you look so unhappy?” I was caught off guard by her observation and didn’t want to lie to her so I said, “Daddy has a lot on his mind right now and some things are not going so well.” Without hesitation, she looked at me right in the eyes and said, “Well Daddy, have you prayed about it and let it go to God?” My four-year-old was teaching her Dad a lesson in giving up control.

I wish I could take the credit for raising great children, but the real credit should go to my wife. She has given up so much to stay at home and raise our kids. She is a Godly mother and as a result, we have Godly children. I am always amazed at the wisdom they impart to me, the lessons they teach me, and how they make me smile on my worst day. I wish the same for all of you.

Merry Christmas.

Dan Polimino

Dan Polimino is an Owner/Broker with Keller Williams Realty DTC. He can be reached at dan@coloradodreamhouse.com  and www.coloradodreamhouse.com/denverpost

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