La Biblioteca – Yelp Review of the Week

La Biblioteca – Yelp Review of the Week

Formally Al Lado, La Biblioteca is located at 1610 Little Raven Street, Suite #200, Denver, CO 80202. Located in the heart of Denver’s Riverfront Park neighborhood, La Bibloteca serves up a collection of tequila selections and inspired cuisines, ranging from sushi, hamburger sliders and wok dishes  to small plates, tacos and salads. If you enjoy Zengo, the restaurant next door, their menu is also available for guest to enjoy.

Recognized chef Richard Sandoval, modeled La Bibloteca after the New York City concept, “The Library of Tequila,” and have over 350 collections of tequilas, mezcals and agave spirits to choose from.  To support the restaurants library theme, a variety of tequila bottles align the walls – organized in different categories. The different types of tequilas are aged from seven days to 25 years, depending on preference. La Bibioteca is a great place to get together with friends and colleagues for happy hours, dinners, viewing the game or for late night cocktails.

With only 10 reviews on Yelp, Here were some of the most helpful:

Jessica D. Denver, CO: A large group of us went to try La Biblioteca recently and had a good night overall. Our server was really great. He provided recommendations when needed and was very attentive. The food was tasty, though the portions were quite small in most cases. There is no way you could even think about sharing most of those small plates, and they were definitely priced to share at $10-$15 a plate. The ceviche, while delicious, was a good example of that. The tequila list was really impressive and the food was good, but it just wasn’t a good value overall.

Amanda D. Denver, CO: You walk in and the atmosphere is kind of the typical cool industrial woodsy chic that most of the hipster restaurants in Denver are so fond of.  What really set this place apart for me was the lack of pretension that you so often find in other “cool” Denver hotspots.  I can’t stand walking into a place and having the waitstaff either looking bored to death or silently judging you because your glasses are not half as big as your face.  The staff at Biblioteca were both friendly and willing to go the extra step to help you navigate the giant tequila menu and the impressive array of food. The other point I need to make was our bartender that evening… he was awesome!   He knew so much about all of the tequila’s and he really seemed to know what he was doing with the cocktails.  If you go on a night when the tattooed blonde bartender is on duty, you know you’re in a for a great night!

Christopher B. Denver, CO: I really liked the ambiance of this place although I was part of an event so it was packed. They are known for their tequilas- one of the biggest selections in the world- and I had the one on happy hour and surprisingly it was really good. It is also good to know that I could find the tequilas that I like here. Also, I did order a happy hour item- the bahn mi hot dog. Sort of a strange concept for me since I love bahn mi and I’m a big fan of Chicago dogs but, as I expected, you sort of have to block both out of your mind. It was really good but I still think it was overpriced. Overall, I would definitely would like to come back until they prove me otherwise. The service was good, the food was tasty and tequila selection unequaled.

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