Know What You Want

Know What You Want

A buyer that is ready to begin looking for their new home is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first home or their fifth. But trying to figure out what you want out of a home can be stressful and nerve racking, but ultimately the experience of finding that house and making it yours is the most gratifying feeling one can imagine. Here are a few thoughts for buyers as they begin that journey.

When looking for a home, know what you want! It’s okay to be picky because “we” as your Realtor are not going to be living the house. You should be picky! However know that there is a difference between being picky and not knowing what you want. Understand why you need a four bedrooms versus three, a three car garage versus two, a ranch versus a two story, or a town home versus a single family home is key to finding your next place. If you don’t know what you want and I mean really know then how you can expect to find it? You won’t just stumble upon it I assure you.

Really know where you want to live! I get buyers who throw out city after city after city. Are you going to buy a house in each one of those cities? After you limit the cities down to one or two you then need to decided where in the city you wish to live. A city is a big place and it’s not all made equal. Before you hop in a car to start seeing homes really make sure you know which city you wish to live in and in what part and most importantly, WHY?

Take the time to research and understand the market!. It will save you from being frustrated and disappointed.

The truth is there’s three reasons why a buyer isn’t under contract no matter what market you’re in:

1.You haven’t narrowed down what you want out of a house, where you want to live, and ultimately why these things matter to you.

2. Your agent has listened to your concerns and hasn’t shown you any options.

3. The house that you want doesn’t exist.

If you have a good agent,  #2 should never happen. The truth is 90% of the time the reason is #1. The buyer who’s about to being this amazing journey hasn’t taken the time to really make a decision on what they want out of a new home and that’s why they can’t go under contract.

Marc Bayes is a Broker Associate with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact Marc at 303-619-3052

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