Is Capitol Hill The Most Beautiful Neighborhood in Denver?

Is Capitol Hill The Most Beautiful Neighborhood in Denver?

If you have read some of our previous blogs or you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll know that we love Denver neighborhoods. Previously, we have covered some of the luxury neighborhoods such as Bateleur, Hilltop or Castle Pines Village. We have also touched on some of the upcoming areas such as River North (RiNo). Now that Denver is now becoming more and more popular, we are now showing up in blogs and articles about how wonderful our city is.

In the most recent blog, I’ve read. Denver ranked number 10 in the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. In the 12 years of living in Denver, I have seen it grow from empty parking lots to tall high-rises that can compete with any building in any large city. However, on this particular list, Capitol Hill was the neighborhood that was selected as the most beautiful. This was based on parts of towns that could stand on their own aesthetically and is architecturally interesting. However, when I think of Capitol Hill, aesthetically pleasing or architecturally interesting doesn’t come to mind.

When I think about neighborhoods in Denver that are beautiful, I think of Mayfair, one of the classic areas that were developed in 1885. This community is surrounded by classy Tudor, Squares and Victorian styled homes that are no longer designed to satisfy the modern style of “yuppies and hipsters”. Many of the homeowners are in the medical field since it’s so close to three hospitals in the area. This area has now included popular restaurant snooze and now there is a Trader’s Joes to shop.

I also think of the Washington Park area as one of our best neighborhoods in Denver. Not only do they have one of the best parks in the state in my opinion, but Pearl Street is one of best places to go when you would like to take a casual stroll, take a nice bike ride or a fun dinner date. I haven’t even mentioned all of the modern homes that have been built over the years that would take your breath away. Wash Park is one of those places that if you were lucky enough to get into the neighborhood, you would never leave and it is a fun area to hang out, if not for the sushi alone, courtesy of Sushi Den.

As I stated before, it’s just my opinion. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I am very partial to the city and the lifestyle, but maybe there is a place that I have overlooked. However, enough about me, I am more curious on what neighborhood you prefer. Participate in our survey below. Maybe in a future blog, I can create a new top ten list based on answers from Coloradans. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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