The “What If” Game

Sometimes, moving your home and life can be very scary. People get wrapped up real quick on what looks like a monumental task. Some people have a natural tendency to think negatively and have a belief that good things just won’t happen to them. So sometimes when I meet clients, I play the “what if” game with them.

For example, let’s say that they were thinking about selling their home, but they weren’t sure about the process, or if they could get what they wanted in terms of price. I start by asking them, “What if I could sell your home in 90 days or less and I could sell it for what you want? Would you do it?” They usually look puzzled and say, “Yes, I would do it.” I next lay out a plan and a process and ask them if that sounds easy and doable. They say, “Yes.” Then skepticism sets in and they ask, “What if you don’t sell the home in 90 days or less for our price?” I tell them that we have a “Performance Guarantee.” If we don’t sell their home in 90 days or less at an agreeable price, they can fire us.” After all, there is little risk to the homeowner for trying this deal. Then they bring this up, “What if our home sells right away and we haven’t found a home to buy?” I tell them that we have relationships with a lot of executive rental companies and can rent them a fully furnished home or condo. They can rent and take their time to find their perfect home.

At this point, you can see the wheels turning in the husband and wife. They are just realizing that this could really be doable. I just painted them a visual picture of an opportunity, what could be, and should be. The “what if” game helps people realize that they have options, what those options can do for them, and how we can get them to the ultimate goal.

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