Radiant Heat

I recently spent time in one of our listings, 995 Longbow, which has a very interesting heating system that can be applied to any house and I wanted to share that with you today. Typically when we buy homes we’re looking for central air. We want a house with a newer furnace and a newer AC unit. The home on Longbow however uses radiant heat; which is what I want to talk to you about today.

Radiant heat has existed since the Romans and it’s quite common in homes throughout China and Korea. Radiant heat can be seen in action every day from the warmth of the sunshine on your skin or a fireplace running during the winter. The technological standpoint of radiant heating as a technology comes from transferring radiant energy from an emitting heat source to an object.

Convection heating comes from pushing air through a surface that’s extremely hot and then the air is forced through a home. Radiant heat instead heats an object and that object then warms an area because it’s hot without forcing air to move. While convection heating is the most popular form of heating for a home these days it’s not however the best method.

Using radiant heat as the heat source for your house will lower your overall monthly electrical bill. You’re not heating air and pushing it through a house instead you’re heating an object and that object is warming the house. You can use radiant heat in some very creative ways as well. You can have heated tile throughout a house such as the kitchen and bathrooms. You can have your driveway setup with radiant heat for defrosting in those cold Colorado months. You can even have small vents or holes placed into rooms that will allow radiant heat for each room. The applications are almost endless.

Now 995 Longbow has a bit more going on than just radiant heat in fact the heating system is setup as a commercial heating system which is something you can also convert your home to or if you choose to have a new build. With commercial heating systems you use radiant heat in combination with forced air. The idea is that you’ll use radiant heat to heat the house however to circulate the air you also use forced air. This is a complex system for heating a home and keeping the air circulated however it’s the most energy efficient and comes with little to no noise.

Using radiant heat with forced air is up there with being in a sound proof room. You don’t hear the air moving and you don’t hear the furnace kick on to heat up the house. It’s quite subtle yet quite elaborate of a design for a home. I should note that setting up radiant heat mixed with forced air isn’t on the inexpensive side; it’s going to set you back a bit. However you’ll make up that price with your monthly energy bill. Not to mention warm walking surfaces, defrosted driveways, and a quite warm house.

Radiant heat isn’t for everyone but anyone who has it will tell you it was a life changer. Something so simple as using radiant energy to heat a home versus convection can and will make a difference to your living experience. When it comes to selling a home radiant heat is considered one of those luxury features that you don’t necessarily look for but when you find it you won’t want to let it go. My number one hardware improvement feature for you and 2013 is an upgrade to radiant heating.

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