It’s that Wonderful Time of the Year

Q: Should I put my home on the market just before the Holidays, or should I wait until after the first of the year?

A: That question comes up year in and year out and there is no clear-cut answer, but there are plenty of pros and cons to weigh. Let’s take a look at each category and then you can judge for yourself.


1) We know historically that inventory always goes down over the Holidays. It means that if you put your home on the market, chances are you will have very little competition (particularly in a market that has low inventory to begin with).

2) Any buyers looking at homes over the Holidays are serious buyers. There are no looky loos when comes to the Holidays. With so much on everyone’s agenda this time of the year, no one would just be looking at homes because they have extra time on their hands. If you get a showing, it is more than likely that they are a serious buyer for your home.

3) I love to look at homes that are decorated for the Holidays. I think this is a golden opportunity for homeowners to make their house really shine. A tastefully decorated home for the Holidays can make it even more appealing to the buyer.


1) It’s hard enough to have your home show ready on a daily basis. It’s even harder to have it show ready with the chaos of the Holidays. No one wants to show their home while the relatives are in town from Kansas.

2) Let’s say your home was priced right, showed well, and got an offer on its first week on the market. One would perish the thought of having to move in the middle of the Holidays.

3) There potentially could be very few buyers in the market over the next two months, resulting in few showings while accumulating days on market.

4) Buyers could perceive a home on the market during the Holidays as a desperate homeowner, resulting in low-ball offers.

Finally, Realtors always study trends. So what was the trend over the last few years in the months of November and December? The answer is a bit surprising. Our team has had our best sales months in December the last two years in a row. We’ll see if that trend continues for a third year in a row.

Dan Polimino is an Owner/Broker with Keller Williams Realty DTC. He can be reached at 

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