Happy Days Are Here Again

This week’s column is dedicated to my brethren in real estate. I know that many of you read this column on a weekly basis. I know this because of your continued emails and phone calls, or in the course of doing business together. I am always flattered when a fellow agent contacts me to tell me how much they enjoy reading my column. I equally appreciate it when fellow agents contact me and tell me how much they disagree with what I write in my column. We may not agree on every topic I write, but I always humbly recognize your opinion and I appreciate you taking your time to write to me. More importantly, I appreciate you reading my column.

Recently in my new position, I have been speaking with a lot of agents about the state of their business. I heard from one colleague that had 26 properties under contract, another had 15, and yet another had 20. Even my fellow luxury agents are boasting the same type of numbers. My team, The Colorado Dream House Team, has enjoyed the same success this year and I think that we are poised to have our best year in the last five years. It seems as though as the song says, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” that real estate agents in Denver have reason to celebrate and I could not be more thrilled for all of you.

If you were able to weather the storm for the past four years after the worst real estate crash in the history of our nation, then you are to be applauded. I know it was not easy to keep a smile on your face, keep the lights on, put food on the table, and sell real estate in that environment. I know that many of you burned through your entire savings and retirement funds just to keep you and your family afloat. If you are still standing today and selling real estate, you are a success story. More importantly, if you are starting to reap the benefits of a better market, then you deserve every bit of it.

Jonathan Tisch is the Chairman of Loews Hotels and the author of three best-selling books on leadership. In his book “The Power of We,” Tisch talks about his philosophy that he never felt he had a competitor in the hotel business. Tisch never tried to compete against another hotel chain; instead, he tried to find a way to work with other hotel chains. His philosophy was, “There is enough business for everyone to succeed.” As such, no one was a competitor for Tisch; rather, everyone was an opportunity to work together and succeed.

I share the same philosophy and feel the same way about all of you. Congratulations to you and your business. I look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Dan Polimino is an Owner/Broker with Keller Williams Realty DTC. He can be reached at dan@coloradodreamhouse.com 

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