Don’t Get Caught in the Impact Zone

Over the Holidays, I was vacationing in Hawaii and if you have ever been to Hawaii in the winter, you know that you can expect some great swells. The North Shore of Oahu is famous for their 20-foot swells in the winter. I was on the Big Island where the waves are much smaller and that was a good thing because I am far from being a pro when it comes to boogie boarding or surfing. Nonetheless, I wanted to teach my son and daughter to boogie board so we headed out to tackle the waves. While they did great, I, on the other hand had my fair share of wipeouts. Boarding or surfing is one of those sports that you need to practice week in and week out. It had been a while since I boogie boarded last, and boy did it show.

More than once, I found myself caught in the impact zone. That’s the area where the waves close out and crash directly on you. Even though I know how to duck under massive surf, I still got caught a few times, getting rolled by waves. The problem was my INDECISION. Many times I would be in the impact zone and I knew that I should either be farther out before the waves closed out, or I should be farther in, close to shore. It was my lack of making a smart, quick decision that often got me hurt. Each time I stumbled back to shore with a hurt knee, shoulder, foot, or back. I was painfully aware that I was 43 and getting older by the minute. I realized that my indecision was hurting me.

How many of us can say that in our daily life? Our indecision may be hurting us! Maybe we keep finding ourselves in the impact zone because we have not made a decision to go forward or back. In real estate, this may mean it’s time to sell that house and move on to a new chapter in your life. It may mean making rental homes a new business for you. Or for someone thinking of buying, maybe the family has outgrown the house and it is time to move up. You’ve been indecisive long enough; you’re in the impact zone, so either move out before the waves crash, or move in safe to shore. Sometimes, the most uncomfortable place to be is in your comfort zone.

Dan Polimino is an Owner/Broker with Keller Williams Realty DTC. He can be reached at  

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