Chances are, if you own a business or were ever an employee, you may have been asked to take a personality assessment. As an owner of Keller Williams Realty DTC and a partner of The Colorado Dream House Team, we often have the new recruits take a D.I.S.C. (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) assessment test. It‘s a quick personality test that will tell me a lot about how someone communicates. I also get to know their likes, dislikes, and how I might relate to him or her.

After a short series of questions, the test is scored and an individual will come out either a “D,” an “I,” an “S,” or a “C.” However, it would more likely result to a combination of two, three, or four of the personality traits.  In most cases, a person tests to be dominant in one category more than another. Here is what each letter represents:

  • Dominance: Direct to the point, decisive, and bottom line oriented.
  • Influence: Optimistic and outgoing, often highly social.
  • Steadiness: Empathetic and cooperative. Typically a team player; supportive, and helpful to others
  • Conscientiousness: Concerned, cautious, and correct. These individuals are often focused on details and quality.

When I took the test, I came out as a “High D” with some “C’s” on it. But if you would ask my friends, I am all “D” with no “I,” “S,” or “C” in my gene pool. For the most part, that’s accurate and reflects my personality since I am a very bottom line type of guy. So how does this apply or matter to people buying and selling homes?

We often talk about consumers making sure that they should have a good rapport with the agent they selected to represent them. My business partner Gary Lohrman and I often joke with costumers saying, “If you want a short and to the point conversation, then call Dan. But if you want to talk about your day, the kids, or even the weather, then call Gary.” You see, Gary is a “High I.” He loves being social and that’s his DNA. In fact, if we could give each one of our customer a D.I.S.C test, we would. I am sure it would be an easier transaction for everyone because we will be able to match up the seller or buyer that best fits with either my personality or Gary’s.

I know that this is not a “change the real estate market” kind of news, but it does give us great insight on how to relate to buyers and sellers so everyone would have a pleasant experience. If you are a “High I” and have an agent that is a “High D,” chances are, the two of you would have a tough time communicating.

Dan Polimino is a Broker/Owner with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact Dan at 303-522-1161, dan@coloradodreamhouse.com, codreamhouse.com or coloradodreamhouse.com

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