Inspection Objection Items

Inspection Objection Items

When it comes time to decide if you really want the property you should have an inspection done. Don’t use a fly-by-night inspector. Use a company or a person that does quality work, has a great reputation, and that you trust. You want to know all the ins and outs of the house and you’re hoping that the majority of that knowledge will come from the inspection report. The question is, what do we ask the sellers to fix from that report?

As a buyer you want to answer that question with, “Everything!” The truth is when it comes to inspection objection items you don’t get to ask for everything. You only ask for safety, hazard, and health related items. It’s important that things like paint, caulking, siding, dents, and dings in the home are okay with your buyers. The simple truth is you can’t ask the sellers to fix them on inspection so they will be there when you go to close.

What exactly are Health, Safety, and Hazard items? Radon is big in Colorado and most homes with basements either have a mitigation system or will be tested for radon. If the levels come in too high that’s a health and hazard item. If doors won’t lock and fences won’t latch or the door to the garage is not a fire proof door those are safety items. If there’s mold growth that’s a health and hazard item. If the deck has loose floor boards or nails coming loose or shakes when you walk it in that would be a safety item.

Most buyers want to see cracks in the driveway or basement caulked. They want to see siding nailed back down to the house. They want to see the holes in the walls from the paintings patched up. They want to see all patches painted with the same coat used on the wall. While these items should take place by the seller the inspection objection process is not where that happens. You can only hope that these items are taken care.

Next time you’re looking at a home and you think it has everything you want out of it make sure you can live with moving into the home with the way it currently looks. The items you ask for repair from the inspection report are for serious issues not cosmetic. If you think you like a home but are unsure who to use for an inspection or what to ask for in the home give us a call.

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