I May Have a Buyer

I May Have a Buyer

It’s Saturday around 2 pm and I’m holding an open house for one of  our newest listing. Its nice steady traffic through most of which are neighbors looking to see how updated the home is in comparison to their own. One of the neighbors is thinking of selling in the next year and we just so happen to have a few buyers are looking at buying in this area next year.

As soon as I told him that we may have a buyer looking to buy he went on the defensive. He says that’s all anyone keeps telling him is, “I’d love to see your house because I have a buyer that would be perfect for it!” He then asks me if this is the new line that we are using when fishing for listings. He doesn’t believe that we have a buyer or that any of the agents he’s spoken to have a buyer and we’re all in it for a listing.

This actually caught me off guard. We don’t throw the tag line, “we may have a buyer” around to fish for listings. We happen to have a surplus of buyers and I imagine most real estate agents do. With the lack of inventory and the low interest rates buyers aren’t going away and there’s still nothing for them to buy. I thought being honest that we have people looking in this neighborhood but they want a different home that what we have listed was a good approach. Maybe I’m wrong?

At this point I think sellers believe us real estate agents are all drinking the same Kool-Aid and have been told to tell everyone we have a buyer for their home. I don’t think sellers realize that while yes the basic idea of what your home is could work for my buyers they’ve already turned down 10 homes for sale and yours may not work but what’s the harm in seeing?

While in the luxury market it’s absolutely true we have buyers that want a certain type of home and when we land that listing we have buyers lined up ready to make an offer. This is common place all day long when it comes to Colorado luxury real estate. When you step below that million dollar mark things change. Buyers need options especially more options than what their local MLS can provide.

I’m starting to feel that sellers think honesty and truth is just another line to get a listing. I’m not entirely sure how to convey to a seller that yes we have an able and willing buyer ready to write an offer on a home that will work for them. Is that your home? Know way to know till we see it but how can we see if it you think it’s a spoon feed line?

Marc Bayes is a Broker Associate with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact Marc at 720-446-6325

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