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Yelp is probably one of the best applications anyone could possibly use when moving into a new neighborhood. Let’s take a second and think about it: You’re a recent transplant in Denver and you’ve just closed on your home. You have just moved in and now it’s time to grab a bite to eat. So where do you go? This is why Yelp is so amazing! it’s like asking your best friend for their opinion for just about anything you would want to know about any business in the area.

The most commonly used form of Yelp is for restaurants. When I was traveling in New Orleans not too long ago and we were trying to find a restaurant that served the famous muffaletta for lunch. While walking through downtown, we came across a neighborhood restaurant that had a casual flow of customers and looked like it had been in business for the past thirty years. My instinct is to check Yelp and low-and-behold this restaurant doesn’t even exist.  My first thought? Yeah, let’s go somewhere else. Needless to say we tried the food and it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad either. If we had used Yelp firs,t we could have found the best oysters in the city, three blocks away.

Most people don’t realize that you can use Yelp for more than reviews of a new restaurant. You can also do a search for places by filtering the app by price range or location. This is huge when deciding where to shop; especially if you new to the area. Yelp also offers a link to websites of establishments that you are interested in.  So if it’s a restaurant, you can check-out the menu or if it’s a salon,  you can see checkout services and exact prices. You can also use the map features directly from the site,  which can guide you directly to your destination.

Now imagine that you’ve moved into a new neighborhood and you’ve only been there about a month. If Yelp is used correctly, you can find anything you need in your proximity. Need to know where to get your nails and hair done? Yelp has that information. Can’t figure out where the local hardware store is? Yelp. Need to know where to buy groceries? Yelp. Want to know about other similar business? You guessed it; Yelp.

No matter the business or establishment Yelp will give you reviews, contact information, map guide, websites, pricing, recommendations, you name it. Once a week we actually do a Yelp review blog showcasing some of the coolest places in all of Denver to visit, so keep reading and keep exploring and most importantly keep Yelping!


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