Home Selling Tips for the New Year

The start of a new year always begs the question, “should we sell”? Sellers are always on the fence at the start of the year with this question. A new year brings hope and change and the biggest one you can make is a purchase of a new home and a fresh start to the year. Just about everyone who sells their home is looking to buy as well. Here are some tips for selling at the start of 2013.

It’s a brand new year and the number one resolution is to lose weight. Take it one step forward if you’re thinking of selling your home in 2013 you might want to help your house lose a few pounds too. Get rid of the clutter! Every home has it and when you’re thinking of selling it’s important to lose that excess baggage. Buyers want to imagine their furniture in their home not what the home would look like without your stuff.

Update that bathroom and remodel that kitchen! Buyers want to upgrade when it comes to purchasing their house. Whether it’s their first home or their fifth they want more than what they had before. The rule of thumb when it comes to upgrades is pretty simple: You’re looking for 80% return. Spend 10,000 and you’re looking for 8,000 in return. For the kitchen upgrade to granite countertops, install stainless steel appliances, sink, and faucet, add a fun backsplash, and new tile floors. For the bathroom update the tile, fresh coat of paint, install new fixtures, lighting, and countertops. Update your sinks and faucets, and install a modern rain showerhead.

Once you’ve cleaned up the clutter you might want to consider having your home staged. This won’t be free but studies show that staged homes sell in half the time as a home that isn’t staged. While clutter might be extra weight a staged home is a facelift for a home. We know you love your recliner but the furniture provided by a staging company looks far better than your average piece of furniture.

Price your home correctly! As a seller you are competing with new model homes. This is the reason you’ve done all the work listed above, to make your home as appealing as it can be to a buyer. However once that’s done you still have to price it correctly. While we all want the most value out of the home it’s important to know that real estate agents can easily determine if a house is underpriced, overpriced, or priced just right.

Make sure you have equity! Selling your home comes at a cost and this is probably the most missed fact when it comes to selling your home. The going commission is 6% which is split between the agent that brings the buyers and the agent that lists the home. There’s a lot that goes into selling a home: marketing, advertising, open houses, following up with prospective buyers and agents, and then there’s the negotiating to get you the seller the highest price possible for your home.

If you follow these simple tips for selling your home in 2013 you’ll not only sell your home as fast as possible but you’ll also get the highest price you can for your home. When you do decide to sell please think of us your Colorado Dream House Team for all of your real estate needs.


Marc Bayes is an Associate Broker for the Colorado Dream House Team for Luxury Homes by Keller Williams, DTC.  He is an expert in buying real estate in the Denver Metro Area.  Do you have questions about buying property? Contact him at 303-619-3052 or Marc@ColoradoDreamHouse.com

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