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On today’s show, Dan discusses home inspections, roof inspections, and the most common issues that come up during inspection. He also gives a new construction spotlight on our website at coloradodreamhouse.com/newconstruction

  • Should you purchase a home inspection before listing your home?
  • Should you get your roof inspected before listing your home?
  • What are the most common inspection issues that come up and should I preemptively take care of them?

Full Transcript

00:01                                     Hello everyone and welcome to today’s show of Ask the Colorado Dream House Team. I’m your host Dan Polimino coming to you live from Denver Colorado. Happy Tuesday everybody. Hey I hope you’re doing well if you’re new to the show welcome. This is all about real estate. We asked you your real estate questions and help you navigate whether you’re looking to buy sell or invest in real estate. And if we can help you please contact us here at the Colorado dream house Team 7 2 0 4 4 6 6 3 2 5 or team at Colorado Dreamhouse dot com. We would love to talk with you. Two things we like to accomplish in every show we want to give you some market information news you can use and we want to answer your questions so let’s get to the news you can use. All right title issues we’re seeing lots of problems lately with title issues. Normally not a big problem. It’s a part of the contract that you usually get through pretty smoothly. But we’re seeing a lot of tidal issues. And here’s what we’re seeing. In

01:01                                     fact we’ve had four of these now in the last 60 days maybe 90 days where the seller of the property is going to sell a home and then a lien is popping up on the title work showing that a previous Lawk a previous mortgage a previous whatever had not been released might show that it’s been paid off. Might even show it has a zero balance but it hasn’t been released by that particular bank or credit union. And so what do you do in this scenario. Well the first thing you do is you try to find your documentation showing that that particular loan or lien was paid off. You provide that to the title company you also go back to the bank that didn’t release the lead and you get them to release it and show them the documentation. It’s probably just a clerical error.

01:59                                     However another problem we’re running into a lot of the banks that are showing up that didn’t release the lien are no longer in business. They’ve been sold not once not twice not three times some times as many as four times and trying to go back and show proof that that lien has been paid is proving to be difficult. Now why is all of this occurred. This is all occurring due to the last 10 years particularly five years ago during the crash. OK what happened was so many properties were traded so many properties were in foreclosure so many properties were in short sale. There was a lot of funky stuff going on with mortgage companies going under other mortgage companies buying them. You remember Countrywide was one of the largest mortgage lenders in the world and they got taken over by Bank of America Washington Mutual.

02:59                                     I could go on and on these title these these mortgage companies went by the wayside and in the process of all of this chaos stuff got forgotten stuff got put off to the side stuff got you know certain stuff never got fouled up on some of these banks that went under. You know they got paid but they never released it. They never released the line with the title company once more title companies were overrun with the amount of business trying to keep track of all of the paperwork and they didn’t follow up to find out why that had not been released. And so you’re seeing liens on title work going back as far as 2003 2004 six eight because the mortgage companies didn’t do their job at releasing the liens and providing the proper proper paperwork and the title companies didn’t follow up.

03:54                                     This is all a result of the mortgage mess from 0 8 to 11. All right. So if you’re having one of these problems you can contact us here at the Colorado dream house team. We’ve now successfully navigated about four of these in the last 60 days and we can help you if that’s the case. One of the things that you could do for prevention try this you’re thinking about selling your home. Contact a real estate agent or contact a title company and have them run a preliminary title report on your property. And let’s see. Way ahead of time if anything pops up that’s unusual that that may become a problem that you don’t even know about. I mean if there’s an unrecorded lien or there’s a recorded lien that hasn’t been released but you know it’s been paid off it would be good to know.

04:47                                     Now two three four or five months before we even put your house on the market. If you’re thinking about one of those people who says I’m going to sell in the spring let’s run a preliminary title commitment now and figure out if we’ve got an issue because you don’t want to deal with this in the transaction. It screws everything up. All right. I hope that’s helpful and news you can use questions here we go. And this is questions today are all about inspection issues. So remember if a deal goes under contract if your house goes under contract most of the time nine times out of 10 if it falls apart it’s going to fall apart on inspection. OK. It generally doesn’t fall apart on title work. Most of the time it’s going to fall apart on inspection and so the two tips that we’re giving you today about the title work and the inspection are going to save you lots of time and aggravation.

05:37                                     Here we go. Dear Colorado dream house team we’re thinking about putting our home on the market and wondering if we should get a home inspection before we do. What are the pros and cons. You know for a long time I was not really in favor of doing a pre inspection prior to listing the house. And the reason why was if something popped up on that pre inspection that we couldn’t fix didn’t have the money to fix didn’t want to fix we were going to have to disclose it in the seller’s property disclosure or anything that you find out about your home before putting it on the market. We’re going to have to disclose in a seller’s property disclosure.

06:14                                     And I was of the mindset that maybe we shouldn’t go get a pre inspection because after all I don’t want to assume and you shouldn’t assume that you know what the buyer is going to object to. They may let some things go in the inspection. And so I was concerned that the sellers were putting out a lot of money fixing things and an inspection report that we might not need to. Once we got under contract however since inspections are so contentious and nine out of 10 deals will fall on inspection I’m now changing that and I am encouraging people who are thinking about selling their home to get a pre inspection. Yes it’s four hundred five hundred dollars could be even more depending on the site size of your house. But I think if we get that pre inspection done and we get a lot of what we see on their fixed the whole transaction is going to go so much smoother you’re not going to lose sleep at night once you’re under contract you won’t have the stress you won’t have the worry.

07:15                                     Trust me everybody will be happy that you did. So that’s one of the things we’re going to change in 2018. We are going to be suggesting pre inspections OK the Colorado dream house team do you recommend we get the roof looked at before we list our house. Well one of the things we do do and have been doing for a long time is the minute that we take your listening in we’re going to represent you we call our roofer out and we have the roofer check the house. Well before we even get it on the market because roof is one of those issues that can be complicated it can be tricky.

07:48                                     And if there’s an issue with the roof we want to know before we put it on the market. We want to know what the solution is. How bad do we need to call the claim into insurance. How long is it going to get take it take to repair. Or replace. All right so the answer to your question is yes absolutely get your roof inspected prior to putting it on the market. Dear Colorado dream house team what are the most common inspection issues that can come up.

08:16                                     Well in Colorado we’ve got a gas in the ground called radon gas. It’s part of where we live. It’s not high in some areas of the country and it’s high in other parts but in the Rocky Mountains radon gas is a thing. So we generally test homes during the inspection period for radon gas that comes up a lot on inspection reports. Clean service and certify the HP AC unit furnace and air conditioner.

08:47                                     That is a standard. I see that nine out of 10 inspection reports. So again do yourself a favor before putting the house on the market an HP A C professional out there have them clean serviced and certify the furnace. Have that paperwork ready when the buyer goes and does their inspection. OK. Furnace radon. I usually see minor GFI issues with electrical. I see minor plumbing issues. Generally with inferior products being used because somebody decided to fix it themselves instead of using a plumber. Those are the most common things we’ll see roof occasionally. Rarely do we see structural but we’ve got a good structural engineer who can help you if that’s the case. I hope that answers your question. All right great questions this week. Very informative. Hey listen I want to direct you to our Web site. Colorado Dreamhouse dot com forward slash new construction.

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10:36                                     Again go to our Web site Colorado dream house dot com forward slash new construction and check out the amazing homes from Wunderlist homes. All right. That’s this week’s show. Thanks everybody. It was great talking with you. We’re back again on Thursday. Have a great week.